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Week 17 of pregnancy

The fetus inside your belly grows more every day, and the discreet movements of its arms and legs in the first days turn into stronger pressures and blows. She is now 17 weeks pregnant and can touch her face or even suck her thumb. It is better to make some decisions in the 17th week, for example, whether you want to find out the sex of the fetus or not, what kind of delivery you want to do. With these decisions, your pregnancy will become more real and of course more exciting! Knowing these in the 17th week of pregnancy can be quite exciting. If you want to know more about the important events of the 17th week of pregnancy, read on.

The condition of the fetus in the seventeenth week of pregnancy

The weight of the fetus at 17 weeks of pregnancy is about 140 grams and its size is about 13 centimeters; About the size of a large onion. He can move his joints and his skeleton, which was soft cartilage until now, is slowly turning into bone. His sense of hearing is developing. His umbilical cord, which is his lifeline to connect with the placenta, is getting stronger and thicker every day.
The height of the fetus now and in the 17th week of pregnancy is not even the size of a pen. But his body systems are working fine. His circulatory system and urinary system are working, and by learning to breathe, he inhales and exhales in the amniotic fluid. The fetal heart is now regulated by the brain and beats several times per minute. Your child is practicing his specialized skills this week; Skills such as sucking and swallowing to prepare for breastfeeding. In fact, most of your baby’s vital reactions are being prepared right now in the womb.
In the 16th week of pregnancy, the baby’s nipple appears pink on the chest, and even if it is male, the mammary glands are formed in him. If it is a girl, her ovaries are forming secretory glands. At this stage of pregnancy, she has 5 million or more eggs, which will be reduced to about 1 million at the time of birth. Almost until the next week, the grooves on the tips of the fingers and toes, which are the same as the child’s fingerprints, are formed.

Height: 13 cm
Weight: 140 grams

Mother’s condition in the 17th week of pregnancy

With the excess weight that covers the upper and front of your body at 17 weeks of pregnancy, you may sometimes lose your balance while walking. Ditch your high-heeled shoes and wear low-heeled shoes to reduce your chances of falling.
Maybe you’re new to the feeling of needing to protect your belly, and that’s okay.
Abdominal injury can be dangerous for you and your baby, so be sure to wear a seat belt while driving.
For more protection, pass the seat belt on the side of your thigh and rump and fasten its lock under your stomach. The seat belt should not pass over your stomach, but one part should pass between the two breasts and the other part should pass under the abdomen.
The feeling of the fetus moving for the first time is very exciting. Many of you can’t believe you are pregnant until you feel the movement of the fetus. Even if you have heartburn or see the image of the fetus in the ultrasound. Fetal movement fluctuates between the 16th and 23rd weeks.

Important symptoms of the 17th week of pregnancy

Do you feel dizzy when you stand up? This is completely normal. In the 17th week of pregnancy , when you stand up, it takes some time for the blood collected in the lower parts of your body to return to the upper parts of the body. You can reduce this dizziness by getting up more slowly. But if you are so dizzy that you feel like you have lost consciousness, see a doctor.
Now and in the 17th week of pregnancy, the bladder has no place to expand and you need to urinate more. Your bladder will return to its original state after childbirth. Frequent urination may also be due to a urinary tract infection. If you see blood in your urine, even a small amount or burning when you urinate, be sure to see a doctor. Hormones and milk-producing glands are growing, and all this activity, plus increased blood flow, can increase breast size by three digits. If you feel pain in your leg, it is probably due to the pressure of the fetus on the sciatic nerve, which is located under the uterus. Try a heating or back pad for pain relief.

What should we eat in the 17th week of pregnancy?

In the 17th week of pregnancy, turn your womb into a restaurant for your child and treat him with the best food. Be careful about eating out. Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and grapes are very good sources of vitamin C, and you can use this food group several times a day and meet your need for vitamins such as A and C. For example, eat fruit juice or fresh fruit for breakfast, dry or fresh fruit between meals or fruit salad with lunch, and low-sweet home-made fruit compote for dessert and dinner. As much as possible, avoid sweets, chocolates, and cakes as desserts during the 17th week of pregnancy and the following weeks, and only use these items if your weight is low and you have no problem gaining weight.

Be careful to eat restaurant food

If you like to eat outside during pregnancy, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Choosing a restaurant: Some restaurants have more suitable food for pregnant women. Seafood restaurants or restaurants that have a variety of salads are good options.
  • Amount of food: In some restaurants, the amount of main meal for one person can be enough for a village or at least a small family. Resist the urge to finish the plate completely because you’ll have to pay for pre-digesting and ruddling.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables: get into the habit of ordering a salad or vegetables as an appetizer, or order a vegetable basket with cheese and crusty bread.
  • Soup is a priority: if there is lentil soup, barley soup, ash or vegetable soup on the menu, order it.
  • Fill your stomach before dessert: Don’t save room for that delicious pie, but if you’re still hungry or craving a sweet treat, try some fresh fruit, sorbet, or ice cream after your main course.

Think about the lines of the stomach

In the 17th week of pregnancy, as your body grows along with the body of the fetus, your skin also stretches, and you may notice lines on your chest and stomach in the second and third trimesters. These lines, which are stretch marks, are actually small scratches that are caused by the stretching of the skin under the layers of the skin.
Not all stretch marks will disappear after pregnancy, but most of them will. Although you can use expensive creams and vitamin E to prevent stretch marks.

Watch out for kidney stones

Albumin is a substance that emerges from the digestion of meat in the body and is then excreted by the kidneys through the urine. During pregnancy, a very small amount of albumin enters the urine, but if this amount is more than usual, it is a sign of kidney disorders. Mothers who have a lot of albumin in their urine must be admitted to the hospital and undergo a complete diet and treatment. The increase of this substance in the urine is determined only by a complete urine test. Increased urination, especially after the 20th week of pregnancy, requires careful attention in terms of pregnancy toxicity and should be treated.
Kidney stones may also occur during pregnancy. Pregnancy does not cause the formation of kidney stones, but pregnant women sometimes develop kidney stones.
Kidney stones often pass through the urine without causing problems, but the problem starts when they become stuck in one of the ureters that connect the kidneys to the bladder. This condition causes a lot of pain in the back, sides and thighs and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting or blood in the urine. Its pain may also come and go in waves.
If the kidney stone is small, doctors often recommend acetaminophen for pain relief and drinking plenty of water to flush out the stone. If the stone is large and cannot be removed in this way, then surgery is necessary. Crushing kidney stones is a process that causes the crushing of kidney stones through sound waves or lasers, and it is not without danger for pregnant women.

List of important tasks in the 17th week of pregnancy

  • If you are forgetful because of pregnancy, it is better to reconcile with pen and paper and write down everything you have to do.
  • Prepare yourself for a prenatal massage.
  • Enroll in a pregnancy class.
  • Use a spray or moisturizer to reduce congestion caused by pregnancy.

Ultrasound of the seventeenth week of pregnancy

Ultrasound of the 17th week of pregnancy shows the right hand of the fetus. You can see every bone in her delicate fingers. Although he may not be coordinated enough now to use his fingers.

Keep thinking about the name

Make a list of your choice of names for your baby. Make a list of ten names that you like, ask your partner to do the same. Give each other your lists and each of you cross out any names you don’t like.
Keep doing this until you get to a list where you both like all the names on it. Talk to each other about whether you like or dislike these names.
Some couples set rules for their child’s name; You can talk to each other in these cases to reach an agreement.

Do not forget light sports

Even though you are 17 weeks pregnant, try to stay motivated to exercise. Adjust your exercise program every day. Make a promise to yourself to do exercise and write it in your notebook. Write down the duration of your daily exercise and monitor your progress.
Set a goal in your exercise program and reward yourself when you reach it, and exercise for fun overall.
The best exercise during pregnancy is a low-stress exercise that exercises your joints and ligaments without tiring your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Slow running is not helpful

In the 17th week of pregnancy, slow running is not considered a useful activity. You should do activities that make you stronger and gradually increase your flexibility. Some of these activities require balance and doing them during pregnancy may create challenges for you. Hold your hand on the wall or chair to prevent falling and injury during balance movements during exercise. Yoga can be considered as one of the useful sports during this period.

Fight snoring

If your partner has recently noticed your snoring habit, it is better not to worry about it becoming permanent because this is also an unexpected side effect of pregnancy hormones. Try placing a humidifier in your bedroom and elevating your head on a few pillows while you sleep. If your wife is still complaining, get her a cotton ball. But in the evening or in the evening, fill a container with water, put some eucalyptus leaves in a container and place it on the gas or the heat of a kettle or heater so that it slowly steams, this will help to keep the atmosphere of the house moist. Eucalyptus plant also has antiseptic properties, all of which make you breathe easier and have a restful sleep.

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