Week BY Week

Pregnancy advances week by week, with the baby’s organs forming in the first trimester, rapid growth and movement in the second trimester, and final development and preparation for birth in the third trimester. Each week brings new milestones like the baby’s heartbeat, movements felt by the mother, and the development of features like fingernails and eyelashes. Prenatal care is important for monitoring the health of both the mother and baby throughout this journey, which typically concludes with childbirth around week 40.


Week 40 of Pregnancy

Congratulations! You have completed this 9-month journey and at any moment you may give birth and hold your little baby in your arms. Now you must be ready for your

Week 36 of Pregnancy

With the rapid growth of the fetus, you are slowly approaching the end of pregnancy. This time next month, you are holding your sweet baby, no doubt these last few

Week 35 of Pregnancy

In the 35th week of pregnancy, the body probably starts preparing for childbirth by twisting its muscles. If a pregnant woman feels that her uterus contracts and tightens regularly, these

Week 34 of Pregnancy

In the 34th week of pregnancy until the time of delivery, the expectant mother will probably not be able to sleep well because the belly is enlarged and puts a

Week 33 of Pregnancy

During these final weeks, your child becomes the final stage. It means that the organs, skeleton and his body are well formed, but he still needs some time to reach