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Week 34 of Pregnancy

In the 34th week of pregnancy until the time of delivery, the expectant mother will probably not be able to sleep well because the belly is enlarged and puts a lot of pressure on the bladder, which makes the need for the bathroom more and more frequent. In such a situation, even forgetfulness may come to the pregnant mother. Together we will review the other changes of the 34th week.

The state of the fetus in the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy

The weight of the fetus in the 34th week of pregnancy has reached 2146 grams, and its body size has increased to about 45 cm. Now the most weight that is added to the child is through fat storage, which insulates him from the cold outside environment. If you look at the photo of the fetus in the 34th week, you will see that the body of your fetus has become rounder. His central nervous system is being completed and his lungs are now fully developed.
If you are worried about the possibility of giving birth at 34 weeks of pregnancy, you should know that almost 99% of fetuses that reach this stage of development will be able to continue living outside the womb, and many of them will not suffer from long-term complications caused by premature birth. became.
The brain of the fetus has developed so much now and at this time that it can see, hear, learn and remember. He now has a special personality and soon you can enjoy seeing his face.
If the fetus is a boy, you should know that in the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy, his testicles will move down from his abdomen to his scrotum. Some boys are born with undescended testicles, but this transfer is usually done before the first birthday.

Height: 45 cm
Weight: 2146 grams

Mother’s condition in the 34th week of pregnancy

You may be feeling a little tired lately, which is completely understandable. Reduce your activity and save energy for the day of delivery.
If you have to stand on your feet for a long time, use a pregnancy belt because it protects your stomach and distributes part of your weight to the rest of your body.
If you’ve been sitting or lying down for a long time, don’t get up too quickly because blood may pool in your legs, causing your blood pressure to drop (for a few moments), which may make you feel dizzy when you stand up.
Most midwives suggest pregnant women to use perineal massage (massage of the area between vagina and anus) to prevent it from tearing during childbirth.
Now is the right time to do this, although this massage may not be very comfortable for some women, and doing this massage does not necessarily prevent the perineum from tearing. However, ask your doctor about this and learn how to do it.
You may notice bumps or blisters on your stomach that are itchy. The occurrence of these blisters may extend to the rump or groin. This complication is usually harmless and is called itchy rashes and hives during pregnancy. However, if you see these things, ask your doctor to examine you to make sure of your health. In addition, if you feel itching all over your body, even if this itching is not severe, let your doctor know.

Important symptoms of the 34th week of pregnancy

Morning sickness and vomiting in the last trimester of pregnancy is a result of the pressure that the uterus puts on the stomach or it occurs due to the reduction of normal abdominal contractions. The solution is to eat biscuits or reduce the size of meals.
If these things do not work, it is possible that this upset is caused by a digestive problem that will not harm your fetus in any way.
Of course, you should know that there are rare liver problems that cause nausea and vomiting, if none of the solutions lead to a reduction in nausea, consult your doctor.
Swelling can occur naturally, especially at the end of pregnancy. But if it is fast and sudden or accompanied by headache, dizziness and abdominal pain, you should see your doctor or midwife.
To reduce the natural swelling, it is better to lie down on your left side to rest. Exercise regularly and keep your legs and arms elevated above your heart for short periods throughout the day.
Consume enough calories and protein and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and don’t eat too much salt.
Avoid standing and sitting for a long time and do not wear tight shoes and socks and do not put your hands under the pillow or under the head while sleeping. Avoid consuming too much sugar and fat.

?What should we eat in the 34th week of pregnancy

Your fetus is growing rapidly in the last weeks of pregnancy. For nutrition in the 34th week of pregnancy, having 5 to 6 nutritious and small meals during the day is much more effective than 2 or 3 large meals during the day. Because heavy and bulky foods cause sourness and heartburn.
If you are asking “what should we eat in the 34th week of pregnancy”, you should know that useful and energy-giving snacks for you should include proteins and carbohydrates in nutrients such as: grilled chicken, with whole grain bread, buttermilk, fruit, cheese and biscuits, beans with milk, A variety of nut and raisin concoctions, a glass of milk with pieces of various fruits, apple pieces dipped in peanut butter or beans, rice and starchy materials; It is found in abundance.
The best situation is not to be overweight in the 34th week of pregnancy. But what should you do if you now weigh more than you or your doctor expects? Although being overweight can increase your risk of developing gestational diabetes, the return of some problems and having a cesarean section, many women give birth without any problems and give birth to healthy babies despite being overweight. If your weight gain continues, you need to take a closer look at the reasons behind it. Have you allowed yourself to eat whatever you want? Have you given up on the exercise program? After determining the cause, try to make changes.
In the last weeks of pregnancy, as the fetus grows bigger and bigger, eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day is better than eating three large and bulky meals because the latter causes heartburn. When it comes to snacking, choose foods that contain protein and carbohydrates to increase energy. Foods like a piece of chicken with whole wheat bread, yogurt and fruit, cheese and pastries, beans and milk, nuts and raisins, a glass of milk and a piece of fruit, with peanut butter or rice and beans.

Ultrasound of the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy

Ultrasound is not often performed in the 34th week of pregnancy and the third trimester. However, it is recommended in some situations: if your child is too small or too big, if the doctor doubts whether the fetus is at the head or the bottom, if the doctor is worried that the placenta is too close to the cervix, or if your child has an abnormality. be fetal and need to be examined before delivery. In the ultrasound of the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy, the fetus’s mouth is open and it may be eating amniotic fluid or taking it into its lungs, which helps the development of its respiratory system.

List of important tasks in the 34th week of pregnancy

  • Coordinate with your insurance center so that everything is done according to the procedure for your delivery.
  • Make sure you know all the ways to relieve labor pains because you may change your mind about using the birthing method when the time comes.
  • Your eyes may become drier and more sensitive than before, so sunglasses and eye drops are always with you.

fetal fall

As the expected time approaches, there may be changes in the way you carry the baby and you may feel that the baby is closer to your pelvis. If this has not happened yet, don’t worry. Not all babies move down before the pain starts, especially if this is your first pregnancy.

Decreased fetal movements in the 34th week of pregnancy

As the fetus continues to grow in the 34th week of pregnancy, you may feel that its activity and mobility have decreased. The truth is, if he’s healthy, he should be just as active as he was when he was younger. But since he has become bigger and occupies the entire space of the uterus to some extent, his movements are less felt. In fact, the fetus has less room to move than if you were to swim in a bathtub.
If you are worried about the reduction of the baby’s movements and kicks, you can count it. After eating a meal or a snack, sit or lie down in a quiet place where you won’t be distracted and count the number of movements, rotations, blows and even the pressure it puts on your lungs. You can count the number of his movements in an hour or calculate how long it takes him to move 10 times. If you don’t feel much movement, do it another time because the fetus may be asleep. As mentioned, keep in mind that it is very normal that the number of his moves is less than before.

Beauty in the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy

It is true that now and in the thirty-fourth week of pregnancy, you cannot wear your tight black dress, but you can still look beautiful. Start with your clothes Are you used to wearing only two or three types of clothes for going out during your entire pregnancy? Try to get a new shirt even if you only wear it in a few weeks. Pregnancy hormones cause nails to grow faster than usual, so you can go to a salon for manicures.
But the skin. If you are lucky, like some women, you will have bright and beautiful skin during pregnancy, but if not, like many others, your face will look puffy and red. By reducing the consumption of salt and drinking a lot of water, you can minimize the amount of puffiness and make-up also removes the redness of the face.

Preparation for childbirth in the 34th week of pregnancy

Labor can happen at 34 weeks, so plan for it:

  • You may go into labor soon, or your hospital stay may be longer than you currently anticipate.
  • Give your house key to at least one of your relatives or friends so that if you need something from home and you are unable to come home yourself, they will bring it to you.
  • Your friends or relatives should do the following when necessary; So divide the work and let them know:
  • taking care of the rest of your children during childbirth and hospitalization;
  • taking children to school and extracurricular activities and returning them;
  • watering flowers and plants, taking care of pets and getting messages and letters;
  • – Appointing someone who will do your work at work or take on any other task you are responsible for;
  • Put the name and contact number of these people in your handbag or enter it in your mobile phone so that you can quickly notify them when the delivery is approaching.
Stretching movements are prohibited in the 34th week of pregnancy

Avoid sudden stretching and bending movements and change your position slowly and correctly.
Try to reduce the tension on the back and abdominal muscles when you get up by turning to the side and pressing on your hands to get up.
In week 34, apart from doing heavy sports and standing, avoid long walks. Avoid standing on your toes, walking a lot and wearing high heels.

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