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Week 12 of Pregnancy

Maybe you are one of the women who tell others about your pregnancy at the end of the twelfth week when the risk of miscarriage disappears. If you are pregnant for the first time and you are of normal height and weight, your pregnancy may remain hidden until the 20th week of pregnancy. But why wait? Maybe the reason is that many of your relatives will ask you many questions as soon as they find out that you are pregnant, if you are not ready to answer these questions, then wait for a few more weeks.

The state of the fetus in the twelfth week of pregnancy

In the twelfth week of pregnancy, the size of your baby has reached about 5 cm, which is almost the size of a lemon, and it weighs about 15 grams. The head of the fetus, which was half of its height last month, is now only a third of its size.
The face of the fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy is more similar to the face of a full human. His eyes, which were originally on either side of his face, have moved closer together, and his ears are nearing their final location on either side of his head.
Your baby’s intestines, which have grown so fast that they’ve partially penetrated the umbilical cord, begin their return journey into the abdominal cavity. His kidneys collect urine in the bladder. His nerve cells have multiplied rapidly and the neural connections of the brain are forming.
The fetus in the twelfth week of pregnancy may show more reactions such as sucking; For example, if you put pressure on your stomach, he may even twist inside your uterus. However, you won’t be able to feel his movements for a few more weeks.
At the end of the first trimester, the formation of all the main organs has finished and now they need to grow. Also, the fetus now has a finger and its movements are voluntary. He can snap or snap his fingers. If you could touch his fingers, he might react and close his hand, and he might even take your finger in his hand.

Height: 70 mm
Weight: 14 grams

Mother’s condition in the twelfth week of pregnancy

Your uterus is growing over your pelvic bones, and your doctor can feel the top of your uterus in your lower abdomen.
Although you won’t need maternity clothes for a few weeks, you’ve definitely felt your waist size getting bigger and you feel more comfortable in looser clothes.
Also, you may have experienced heartburn many times until the 12th week of pregnancy; In this case, you feel a burning sensation that usually starts from the bottom of the sternum and continues to the throat.
This condition occurs due to hormonal changes as well as changes in your body and may cause you to not enjoy your food or sleep enough.
In this case, eating small amounts of food and avoiding fried, fatty, spicy and spicy foods that aggravate the problem can be helpful.

Dizziness attacks in the 12th week of pregnancy

As you near the end of the first trimester, the uterus, which is about the size of a grapefruit, begins to move from the bottom of the pelvis, toward the front and center of the abdomen. If you’re lucky, this means an end to those pesky early pregnancy complications like the constant urge to urinate. Also, now that you are nearing the second trimester, some complications such as nausea, excessive sensitivity of breasts and nipples, aversion to food and bruising are supposed to decrease to some extent, but something new may have been added to this combination, such as dizziness, which As usual, progesterone should be considered responsible for causing the blood vessels to relax and dilate around the twelfth week of pregnancy, increasing the amount of blood flowing to the baby, but slowing down the return of blood to you and the blood flow in your brain. These factors cause distraction and dizziness, especially when you get up too quickly, so taking it slow and steady is the best way to deal with dizziness. Another cause of dizziness during pregnancy is low blood sugar. So don’t try to run or walk.

What should we eat in the twelfth week of pregnancy?

Many women think that they should not use snacks at all, but nutritionists recommend that pregnant women eat snacks.
Eating 6 meals instead of 3 meals a day can prevent heartburn and keep blood sugar levels balanced.
Eating snacks during the day does not mean that you always reach for chocolates and sweets!
Snacks should be between breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bed, which is a better opportunity to get vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and other nutrients

  • Eat yogurt, vegetables and fresh fruit.
  • Drink completely natural and cool juice.
  • Eat low-fat cottage cheese and whole-wheat crackers.
  • Eat red or green peppers.
  • Don’t forget the bread rings with natural fruits.
  • Eat pieces of fruit with peanut butter.

Important symptoms of the twelfth week of pregnancy

Headaches may intensify in the 12th week of pregnancy due to hormonal changes, low blood sugar, dehydration, lack of sleep or stress. To deal with it, it is better to stay away from the factors that cause headaches. Of course, if your headache has symptoms that you have not experienced before, be sure to consult a doctor.
The uterus is already well positioned in the pelvis, but as the pregnancy progresses, pressure on the bladder begins.
The extra fluid in your body during pregnancy may thicken the cornea, the outer layer of the eye, and change the fluid pressure in the eye. These changes may cause blurred vision. But don’t worry because this problem will be resolved within two months of the baby’s birth, but if the symptoms are annoying, consult a doctor about this because it may be related to high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.
The skin around the nipple becomes darker and you may see pigmentation on your face. There may even be a dark vertical line from the navel to the upper part of the abdomen. These changes are completely hormonal and disappear after the baby is born.

Treatment of nasal congestion in pregnancy

Pregnancy affects all parts of your body, even your nose. Pregnancy hormones can cause nasal congestion. If you experience severe nasal congestion during sleep, light an incense stick. Saline sprays can also be useful in this situation, but do not use nasal decongestants or other drugs, and if you feel dry in your nose, soften it with Vaseline.

Cope with sleep problems

Some women sleep like children during pregnancy, and some roll over and cannot sleep. Others sleep well at night in the early stages of pregnancy, but have difficulty falling asleep after that and in the last months. Let’s review some ways to improve sleep:
Stop drinking liquids after evening. Frequent bladder pressures are one of the main causes of sleep disturbances. Some pregnant women have to wake up once, twice or even three times a night to urinate. To reduce the need to go to the toilet, drink fluids at the beginning of the day and limit them after dinner.
Avoid fatty and spicy foods at the end of the day and eat light food at the beginning of the night. Adding an extra pillow and elevating under the head can also help.
Go out early in the morning. Exercise helps you sleep better. But working late and close to bedtime may keep you awake.
Try to sleep on your side. It is better not to sleep on your back after the 24th week, because in this case, the blood does not flow well in the main vessels and reduces blood supply to the fetus.
With the continuation of pregnancy and the growth and weight gain of the fetus, a lot of pressure is exerted on some parts of the body. You can get special pillows that exist for this period of time. You can also lean the rest of your body on a few more pillows to make you more comfortable.
Keep calm. If stress keeps you awake, take a warm shower, take deep breaths, or ask your partner to give you a gentle massage.

Pay attention to the thyroid

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located at the bottom of the neck. The hormone that this gland secretes manages your body’s metabolism. Thyroid dysfunction is common in both pregnant and non-pregnant women. Hormone secretion that is too high or too low can be problematic. Producing a small amount of it reduces metabolism and causes fatigue, laziness and sleepiness. It may even dry your hair and skin, make you feel cold and depressed, or cause constipation and muscle cramps. Excreting a large amount of it also increases the rate of metabolism and may cause arrhythmia, insomnia, shortness of breath, fluctuating body temperature and increased bowel movements.
Since many of the symptoms of thyroid in pregnancy can be changed to each other, it is a little difficult to diagnose. However, diagnosing thyroid disease during pregnancy is very important because uncontrolled thyroid function can harm the fetus. Maybe its lack of treatment is sometimes associated with premature birth, convulsions and coma during pregnancy, low birth weight of the baby and low IQ of the baby. But the good news is that thyroid disease is easily treatable. Thyroid gland laziness is treated with thyroid hormone pills. If you suffer from thyroid disease during pregnancy, your doctor will measure your thyroid hormone level by performing a blood test in the sixth to eighth week of pregnancy. Of course, the amount of thyroid hormone changes during pregnancy, which can be balanced with medication.

List of important tasks in the twelfth week of pregnancy

Be sure to get a pillow for sleeping.

Be sure to stretch and warm up before exercising because your joints are a little loose right now.

Until delivery, avoid sports that require you to lie on your back.

Ultrasound of the twelfth week of pregnancy

The fetus in the 12th week of pregnancy is developing important parts of its body. The fetus is already reacting and if you do an abdominal ultrasound at 12 weeks, you will most likely see his movements. Depending on your doctor’s discretion, you may need to have an ultrasound this week. You may want to know whether your baby is a boy or a girl during the 12th week ultrasound, but it is still early and the baby’s anatomy is such that it is not possible to determine the gender with certainty. However, if you do a DNA test to detect chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus, the gender will be determined.

Sex during pregnancy

At this time, your spouse may be unusually sensitive. At 12 weeks of pregnancy, you may find your wife hot-tempered and irritable. Approaching her for sex now is like playing with dynamite. So approach him with caution and sensitivity. Don’t expect too much from him. Did he like you to stroke his hair before? He may hate it now. So talk to her before you start having sex.

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