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Week 21 of Pregnancy

In the 21st week of pregnancy, you still haven’t chosen a name for your baby? If you are still in doubt about what name to choose for your child, it is better to visit the website’s name tool or the registry office to get some ideas. Pay attention that in the 21st week of pregnancy, choosing a name will not be your only concern, and other events await you, which we will read together.

The condition of the fetus in the 21st week of pregnancy

The weight of the fetus in the 21st week is about 360 grams and his size is about 26.7 cm. He is now the size of a banana. In the ultrasound photo, you will see that the 21-week fetus has full eyebrows and eyelids. Now you definitely feel his movements.
The fetus inside your belly does not pay attention to the daily schedule and tasks you may have; So don’t be surprised if he starts moving at night when you are getting ready for bed. If the sex of your fetus is a girl, her vagina is fully formed in the 21st week, although the growth of this organ will continue until her birth.
You may think that the fetus now sleeps less than before and kicks more. Since he still has a lot of room to move around in your womb, you will feel his contractions less often and only randomly. As the fetus grows, its body is covered with a white, sticky substance that disappears at birth. Until the 21st week of pregnancy, the liver and spleen of the fetus have produced all its blood cells, and the liver continues to do so until the birth of the fetus. The brain of the fetus is developing like other parts of its body, and with the development of the senses, it becomes aware of your eating and sleeping habits, as well as the light and noise outside.

Height: 26.7 cm
Weight: 360 grams

Mother’s condition in the 21st week of pregnancy

You probably feel completely relaxed throughout the 21st week of pregnancy. Your belly is not too big yet and most of the pains and early complications of pregnancy are gone and you can sit still, relax and enjoy whenever you can.
In the third trimester of pregnancy, you will have mild pains because your baby’s growth is almost complete. Of course, this does not mean that you will not have any minor problems during this period. For example, in the 21st week, acne or pimples may appear on your skin due to the increase in fat production in your body. In this case, wash your skin twice a day with water and mild baby shampoo, but be careful not to use any oral medicine or topical ointments without a doctor’s prescription.
At 21 weeks, you are susceptible to pregnancy varicose veins; Especially if your mother also has this condition. This complication occurs because pregnancy puts more pressure on the veins in your legs. The volume of blood in your body increases, and your uterus puts more pressure on the inferior vena cava (which returns blood from your lower limbs to the heart).
On the other hand, in the twenty-first week, the increase in progesterone hormone causes the walls of your veins to relax; Therefore, with the growth of the fetus and uterus, the veins become bigger and bigger. The problem of varicose veins becomes more severe in every pregnancy, and although the possibility of this complication is much higher in the veins of the legs, they may also appear in other parts such as the vulva.
If your legs hurt, wear varicose socks every morning. A brisk walk during the day can also help by increasing your blood circulation. You can also lie on your left side and place a pillow under your feet so that your feet are higher than the floor.
If you’re at risk for preterm labor, your doctor may test for fetal fibronectin, a protein that sticks to the amniotic sac of the uterus. If this is a risk, you probably take medicine to prevent problems.

Important symptoms of the 21st week of pregnancy

During pregnancy and maybe from the 21st week of pregnancy, an unpleasant thing happens in some women, which is the loss of urinary control. In these cases, women usually lose control of their urine when they sneeze or laugh and cannot stop it.
If you find such a problem, the best way to prevent this problem is to do Kegel exercises before, during and after pregnancy to strengthen your bladder muscles, but if this exercise is not very useful and your leakage is so much that it wets your clothes If it does, talk to your doctor to make sure there is nothing wrong and that the bag of water has not ruptured.
Sometimes you feel irregular contractions called Braxton contractions. This is completely normal and the contractions will go away once you change your position. If you have contractions and pain that does not end, be sure to consult a doctor.

What should we eat in the 21st week of pregnancy?

If you are asking yourself “what should I eat at 21 weeks of pregnancy”, read this section:
Peanuts are a very useful food during pregnancy that contain fiber, vitamins E and folate, a monounsaturated fat that is good for heart health.
Peanuts and peanut butter can lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Also, peanuts have a lot of nutritional value and can help control weight and prevent hunger compared to foods that have a lot of carbohydrates. Remember that peanut butter is high in calories and a spoonful of peanut butter is the size of a sandwich and equals 190 calories. About 2 to 2.5 percent of adults have food allergies.
Allergy to peanuts is like allergies to other natural foods. If you have a food allergy, you should avoid regular use of peanuts, especially during pregnancy, because research shows that the peanut protein consumed by the mother enters her milk, and accordingly, researchers predict that this protein is likely to pass through the placenta.

Consumption of mineral zinc in the 21st week of pregnancy

This mineral helps the body in building and repairing cells and its consumption is necessary during pregnancy. If you eat animal foods, you may get enough zinc. Zinc is found in milk, meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and in some prenatal vitamins. If you are a vegetarian, you can consume plants containing zinc such as whole grains, beans and nuts. Also, if approved by the doctor, use supplements containing zinc.

List of important tasks in the 21st week of pregnancy

  • Research the pros and cons of breastfeeding and decide whether you want to give your baby breast milk or formula after giving birth.
  • Tidy up any unfinished business left at home.
  • Get another new bra.

Ultrasound of the 21st week of pregnancy

The ultrasound image in the 21st week not only shows how the bones and skeletal structure of the fetus are formed, but also shows its lungs. By looking at his chest, the heart and lungs can be identified. If your pregnancy is normal and without problems, this will probably be your last ultrasound until the last month.


Do something fun: You’re halfway through your pregnancy, so you can celebrate. The following ideas may help:
For added pleasure, buy scented soaps and candles, wear new clothes, or treat yourself to a massage for pregnant women (maybe you can enlist the help of your partner).
Take professional photos of your pregnancy or frame an ultrasound image of your baby to commemorate and set a milestone pregnancy calendar.
Do something together with your child. Read one of your favorite childhood story books, listen to some soft music together, or buy your child a gift.

Traveling in the second trimester of pregnancy

Now is the best time to travel during pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is no longer serious and the morning sickness is over. Follow the following recommendations for traveling during pregnancy:

  • The most dangerous thing that can happen while traveling during pregnancy is blood clots, and long trips during which you have to sit for hours on a plane, bus, train or car seat increase the possibility of it. So get up every once in a while and walk a little. Also, if you have varicose veins, use special socks.
  • Wear your most comfortable shoes and clothes. Especially if you are going to sit for a long time in a plane, bus, train or car. It is better to use long socks.
  • By carrying fluids, try to get enough fluids to your body. Inhale the steam from the cup of hot water and use the salt water solution to rinse your nose.
  • Most airports allow pregnant women to travel by plane before the 36th week of pregnancy, however, women who are likely to give birth prematurely or have abnormalities in the fetal placenta must get a doctor’s permission to fly by plane.
  • Avoid traveling with tours that go to several cities and choose only one destination.
  • Now that your metabolism has become more efficient, you should choose a place to travel that is not hot and has a mild climate, or at least go to a hotel that has good ventilation.
  • Take prenatal vitamins with you and don’t neglect exercise and healthy eating plans.
  • Carefully lift luggage and belongings. Stand near the suitcase, bend at the knees, grab the handle and stand up straight again. It is better to ask your wife or the hotel concierge to do this for you.
  • Take the name and address of a specialized birthing center with you along with your medical documents and insurance booklet.
  • Before going on a trip, consult your doctor about this so that you don’t have any problems.
  • Go to a safe area. Now is not the time to travel to places that do not have proper drinking water, the possibility of contracting infectious diseases or conflicts and social unrest there is high. If you have to travel to a foreign country and private vaccination is required to go there, you should do it.
  • If you go to a place where the health of the water is not reliable, do not use tap water and swimming pools, and if you go to a place where the water is exposed to pollution, avoid eating raw fruits with skin.
  • When driving, use a seat belt so that it does not rest on your stomach.
  • Carry enough pillows and comfortable shoes with whatever equipment you travel with so that your legs and back are comfortable.
Don’t worry about sex

If in the twenty-first week of pregnancy you feel heartburn and pain in the uterus after sexual satisfaction, be relieved that this is completely normal and do not blame it on your wife. This issue does not have a negative effect on your 21-week-old fetus or yourself. If heartburn lasts for a few minutes and starts again, say every 6 minutes, call your doctor. Although there is no reason to worry about spotting in early pregnancy, especially before the 18th week, but spotting in the second trimester of pregnancy after you are satisfied or at any other time, you should pay attention and inform the doctor.

Belly enlargement and sex

Now and in the 21st week of pregnancy, even when you and your wife have the energy and passion to make love, there is a serious and very round obstacle in front of you. If it is the first time you have a baby, you will gradually become familiar with the process of changes in your body and the challenges that exist in establishing sexual relations. At this time, you need some humor and seemingly nonsensical words, as well as subtle and frank conversations.
Never assume that your partner knows what you want and always express your feelings clearly during communication. Using the old methods is now somewhat impossible because your partner cannot harm the fetus by sleeping on you. In addition, your wife will feel like she is sleeping on a watermelon and you will also be out of breath. Ask your partner to support himself on his hands so that there is no pressure on you. Your wife may be worried that the fetus will be harmed. Reassure him that you will definitely tell him if the situation is personally uncomfortable for you.

Be comfortable with your body

If you are pregnant for the first time, you may be embarrassed to show your body to others and even to be naked in front of your partner, and this may prevent you from having sex or any intimate relationship. Instead of being embarrassed, talk to your partner about it. Without a doubt, you will be surprised when he tells you how beautiful and attractive you have become.

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