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Week 22 of Pregnancy

At 22 weeks pregnant, it’s time to get out your favorite baby books. At 22 weeks pregnant, your baby can hear your voice clearly because the bones in his inner ear have developed enough to filter out sound vibrations. Some researchers believe that if you talk to the baby through the womb, it will feed more, so it is better to try it. Maybe reading to your baby is a good way to bond with him. In the twenty-second week of pregnancy, you must take care of the senses of the fetus.

The state of the fetus in the 22nd week of pregnancy

A 22-week-old fetus inside your womb is like a baby, but a little smaller. He is 27.8 cm long and the weight of the fetus is about 430 grams. He is currently in the form of papaya or coconut. His skin looks wrinkled until he gains enough weight and soft hair called lanogo covering his head and body can be seen. The eyebrows and eyelids of the fetus are in place at 22 weeks, and his pancreas (which is necessary for the production of hormones, especially insulin) is growing rapidly.
The heartbeat of the fetus is now so strong that you can easily hear it with a stethoscope. she At 22 weeks of pregnancy, continues to practice swallowing and swallows the amniotic fluid not for feeding but for opening and closing her mouth and working with her jaws and tongue. Since everything you eat passes through the placenta, the food you eat affects the taste of the amniotic fluid. The fetus’s sense of taste is now so advanced that it recognizes different tastes and even if its mother eats garlic or spicy foods, it makes emoticons that can be seen by ultrasound. These different flavors prepare your baby to prefer your unique milk over other foods.

Height: 27.8 cm

Weight: 430 grams

Mother’s condition in the 22nd week of pregnancy

As your belly expands at 22 weeks pregnant, to make room for your growing baby, you may notice stretch marks on your skin. Some pregnant women do not suffer from this condition, but the effects of this stretch appear on the skin of almost half of them. These thin lines, which are new tissues of the skin, are created in addition to the opening of the skin due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, and they are pink to dark brown in color (depending on your skin color), and their thickness may increase with the increase in gestational age. be more They appear not only on the stomach, but also on the buttocks, thighs and breasts. In the 22nd week of pregnancy, your indented and beautiful navel may also change shape, probably the surface of your navel will be flattened first and even protrude soon; But don’t worry, it will most likely return to its normal state after delivery.
Another change that occurs on the surface of your skin in the 22nd week of pregnancy is the appearance of relatively large moles. In this case, a small part of the skin becomes swollen and red, and it creates blood vessels and numerous appendages. This complication appears on the face, neck, upper part of the chest and breasts, and its cause is the high level of estrogen hormone during pregnancy; Usually, after giving birth, the skin returns to its normal state.

Important symptoms of the 22nd week of pregnancy

  • Your body temperature is high during the 22nd week of pregnancy and the entire pregnancy period, so try to keep the air in your bedroom cool. To sleep better, put a small air conditioner in your bedroom.
  • or sweet foods during the 22nd week of pregnancy, to spices If your body reacts it is better to avoid consuming them at dinner. Use air humidifiers to reduce your snoring and use a few pillows as a support for sleeping.
  • During pregnancy, as well as during the 22nd week of pregnancy, due to excess weight and urine added during pregnancy, the muscles of the bladder become weak and some urine may leak out. The best way to prevent this problem, whether during pregnancy or otherwise, is to do exercises to keep the bladder strong. If this problem persists, consult a doctor to make sure that the leaking fluid is urine and not amniotic fluid.

?What should we eat in the 22nd week of pregnancy

It is necessary to know about nutrition in the 22nd week of pregnancy. Fat in the diet is essential; But since it is present in other foods, it does not need to reach the body directly.
Use enough margarine butter or vegetable oil to season the food, but do not add more fat and oil to the food because fat contains high amounts of energy.
Butter and margarine are rich in vitamin A, but there are other sources of vitamin A such as vegetables. Vegetable oil and margarine are rich sources of vitamin E, and as much as possible, try to use unsaturated fats such as corn oil and olive oil.
Do not forget that nutrition during the 22nd week of pregnancy will directly affect your extra weight during pregnancy and after.

Do not touch your oil

During pregnancy and from the 22nd week of pregnancy onwards, the uterus puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen and therefore the navel protrudes, but it returns to its original state after the birth of the fetus.
Because this pressure is applied from the inside out, the belly button sticks out strangely and feels uncomfortable in contact with your clothes. So wear soft, loose and breathable clothes and never lean on anything with your stomach.

List of important tasks in the 22nd week of pregnancy

Prepare a notebook for your child. Even if you don’t like to tell others what gifts to bring, soon your relatives and friends will ask you what you want or need. Especially if someone throws a party for you and acquaintances come to see the “new mother”. If they bring you what you need or like as a gift, write in a notebook to answer their question. Also, avoid two mistakes that are often made:

  • Writing clothes on the gift list: don’t waste your time. People can’t resist buying baby clothes and will buy whatever they think is cute.
  • Don’t write expensive items in the gift list: don’t worry! You don’t sound greedy by writing expensive stuff. In fact, some relatives or close friends would like to give you and your newborn a more valuable gift, or your colleagues may want to buy a more expensive gift together. So consider options for them too.

Ultrasound of the 22nd week of pregnancy

Look at the photo of the fetus in the 22nd week and see that his lips have become more defined and his teeth have appeared in the form of roots inside his gums. Although his eyes have grown, the iris (the colored part of the eye) still has no pigment and is not colored.

Cope with staying up all night

Now that you are in the 22nd week of pregnancy and in the second trimester, your belly has become bigger and if you sleep on your back, the fetus will hit you and you feel the need to urinate every 20 minutes. But the night waking add to all these things. It is rare for a pregnant woman to sleep through the night and this is a natural process in order to accustom the mother to the period after the birth of the child. Insomnia and staying awake at night will not harm the child, but if you haven’t slept half of the night, you will have problems the next day. It is not bad to lower your body temperature by cooling your room. Relaxation is the hardest thing to achieve before going to bed during the second half of pregnancy. Therefore, you can use a few pillows to make your sleeping place more comfortable. If you wake up in the middle of the night, a cup of warm milk with honey can help you fall asleep again.

Wrap your hands around your stomach

In the 22nd week of pregnancy and at six months, you can no longer hide the belly that protrudes from under your shirt like a basketball. At this time, your uterus is swollen to about 2-3 cm above the navel, and you feel it especially when you want to pick something up from the shelf or bend down to button your shirt. The size of your uterus now reaches about 25 cm. Your doctor will measure it at each appointment to make sure your baby is growing normally.
Feeling rough and the growth of the uterus up to the top of the pubic bone, which does not allow you to see where you are stepping, may make you afraid of falling. But be sure that the baby in your womb is located in a very safe place between the amniotic fluid and the thick muscular walls. However, get used to protecting the child and place your hands around your stomach wherever you stand or touch and caress your stomach whenever you talk to him to distract him so that he will hit you less.

What pains do you have?

Pregnancy is always accompanied by discomfort and you should not hate pregnancy if you face pain and suffering. Most of the pains that you face in the second and third trimesters and also in the 22nd week of pregnancy are:

  • Pain in the occipital bone and pubic bone: At the same time as your body prepares to give birth and take out the baby, your cartilages in the occipital and pubic area become looser and more elastic. These pains should be resolved after delivery.
  • Lower back pain: This pain is often unavoidable because the ligaments in your lower back loosen as the abdominal muscles around the uterus stretch. as their pregnancy progresses of back pain About half of pregnant women complain . To reduce the discomfort caused by it, lift heavy objects with the help of your legs and keep your back straight. Stand up straight instead of hunched over. Continue to exercise so that your muscles stay strong and can support your extra weight in the middle part of your body.
  • Headaches: Increased blood flow is good for your baby, but it can be bad for your head. It is necessary to eat something at least once an hour so that your blood sugar level does not drop. For 20 minutes, put an ice pack on your forehead or a hot water bottle between your legs to prevent blood from accumulating in your head and blood flowing to your legs. You can also rest your head on your partner’s hands so that he holds your skull or massages your eyebrows and cheekbones. Also, breathe plenty of fresh air at this time.
Think of good clothes

In the twenty-second week of pregnancy and in general during pregnancy, do not use rough and rough covers because it causes skin diseases, especially eczema in the folds area.
It is better if your clothes are made of linen, which is softer. Also, try not to use dark colored clothes so that the rotting of the clothes can be identified earlier and the ventilation can be done better. Do not use contaminated water or suspicious substances to wash your clothes.
Avoid tight bras that prevent the growth of mammary glands and one-piece corsets that are elastic . use

The wife’s concern about the child’s expenses

While in the 22nd week of pregnancy, you are worried about your swollen ankle and your child’s kicks, your wife is probably worried about financial issues. She may suddenly worry about losing her job and not being able to afford the costs of having a baby . His penchant for paying bills is normal for all fathers, even though he may be working late when you need your wife. If both of you put your savings together, your spouse’s worries may be reduced. Financial planning is not an act of love anywhere in the world, but it is a great way to de-stress your relationship before the baby is born. In addition, you don’t need to buy all the things you need for a few years at once, it’s better to prioritize so that you can rest assured that you will be able to afford the basic necessities.

Influenza vaccine in the sixth month of pregnancy

There is no evidence that influenza vaccine is dangerous to the fetus. Even the Center for Disease Control in the United States recommends injecting it to pregnant women. At the beginning of the flu season, some obstetricians are reluctant to send pregnant women who are in their first trimester for flu shots. But there is no need to worry. The injection of this vaccine is worth to be cured of influenza.
Women who spend the third trimester of pregnancy are more at risk of diseases. Because their immune system is constantly changing due to the increase in pregnancy hormones. In this case, even though everything seems calm and your energy is increasing, you suddenly have to stay in bed for a week due to the flu.

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