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Week 24 of Pregnancy

Now, in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy, you have entered the last stages of pregnancy. You probably think to yourself, will your baby look like his father or you? will you like it And questions like this. Undoubtedly, you have to wait to get answers to these questions. The last days of waiting will be as enjoyable and exciting as the first days. Fortunately, there are many exciting ways to spend the last weeks of the third trimester of pregnancy, from taking birth classes to choosing a bed. Together, we review the important events of the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy.

The state of the fetus in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy The fetus is growing rapidly . The weight of the fetus at 24 weeks has increased by about 110 grams compared to the previous week (which weighed only a little more than 600 grams). He is now the size of a cob. Since the body length of the fetus has reached approximately 30 cm at about 168 days, the fetus is placed inside your uterus in a bent shape at 24 weeks, but the size of its body organs are almost proportional.
You can fully feel the movements of the fetus in the 24th week of pregnancy. He may seem a little thin, but soon fat tissue accumulates in his body. Your baby’s skin is thin, translucent and wrinkled. The brain of a 6-month-old fetus grows rapidly and his sense of taste is also developing.
The respiratory system of the 24-week fetus begins to develop, the respiratory tree branches and cells in the lung produce surfactant; A substance that causes the baby’s air sacs to easily expand and fill with air after birth and during breathing.
His ears are now very sensitive to sounds outside the womb and he is able to recognize your voice. Studies show that children learn their first language lessons in the womb. Also, if they are among people who speak the native language while breastfeeding, they suck their mother’s breast more strongly than when they are among people who speak another language.

Height: 30 cm
Weight: 600 grams

Mother’s condition in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

At twenty-four weeks of pregnancy, the upper part of the uterus is a few centimeters above the navel, which means it is about the size of a soccer ball.
The 24th week of pregnancy is in the sixth month and you may feel itchy sometimes due to the stretching of the skin of your abdomen and breasts. If your skin is dry, keeping it moisturized can help you with this condition.
Also, your eyes may be more sensitive to light, or you may feel dry eyes or that something has entered your eyes. This complication is normal during pregnancy and is known as “dry eyes”. To improve your condition, you can use artificial tears and moisten your eyes.
For most pregnant women, a GCT glucose screening test is performed between the 24th and 28th weeks. This test determines whether you have gestational diabetes or not. It is necessary to take the symptoms of gestational diabetes seriously.
In gestational diabetes, blood sugar increases during pregnancy. If this complication is not treated, the possibility of difficult natural delivery or the need for cesarean section increases because in this case your child will become fat and this obesity will be more visible in the upper limbs of his body.
If you have gestational diabetes, the possibility of your baby having problems such as low blood sugar levels at birth increases. If the result of your blood sugar test is positive, it does not mean that you have gestational diabetes, but you should take a GTT glucose tolerance test to find out if you have a problem or not. Also, knowing the signs of premature labor in the 24th week of pregnancy can help you. be useful. If you notice an increase in vaginal discharge that is watery, slimy, pink or bloody, contact your midwife or doctor immediately.
Also, if you notice bleeding from the vagina or spotting, abdominal pain or cramping and muscle contractions similar to menstruation that are more than 4 muscle contractions per hour, increased pressure in the pelvic area or back pain that you have not had before, contact your doctor or midwife immediately. Call.

Moles and spots in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

Hormones are released once again at the end of the second trimester, which leads to changes in skin pigmentation. Your nipples will become darker and there may be a dark line on the skin of your abdomen dividing it in half. These common changes are called “linear nigra” which occurs due to the darkening of skin pigments during pregnancy and gradually disappears up to a few months after the birth of the baby. The problems caused to the skin during pregnancy may be more than these. If these things become a problem for you, see a doctor to prescribe the right treatment method for your condition.

?Does your sciatic vein bother you

As the fetus grows, you may notice that it is resting on your sciatic nerve. It is the largest and longest nerve in the body and is as thick as your thumb. This vein originates from the lowest part of the spinal cord, divides into two branches in the pelvic region and goes to the back and thigh and reaches the soles of the feet through the legs. Sciatica is any pain related to the sciatic nerve.
Fortunately, sciatica completely resolves after childbirth. In some women, this pain gradually disappears as the child grows older and moves through the sciatic vein. However, for the treatment of its current pain, you can take help of putting ice on the position. After two days, use the hot water bottle. Some women prefer a hot water bath, taking acetaminophen is also safe and you can also use acupuncture. Doing stretching exercises focusing on the back, buttocks and thigh muscles, swimming and walking also reduce its pain.

Gum bleeding in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

You may notice bleeding gums one day in the 24th week of pregnancy or any time during pregnancy after brushing your teeth while rinsing your mouth. This problem may be caused by swelling and inflammation of the gums, which occurs in 75% of women during pregnancy.
During pregnancy, your gums, like other tissues, are exposed to swelling caused by pregnancy hormones and the weakness of the body’s immune system, and for this reason, the possibility of bleeding in them is high. Research shows that pregnant women with gum infection are more likely to give birth prematurely or have a low birth weight baby. Regular brushing with a soft toothbrush, flossing several times a day, chewing sugar-free gum when you can’t brush your teeth after eating, and using an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce bleeding. Also, arrange an appointment with your dentist as part of medical care during pregnancy.

Walking in the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

If you feel tired or sleepy during the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy, take a short walk before noon during the lunch hour and in the afternoon before returning home. This is very important if you work in a place with unusual temperatures. Your body’s natural thermostat is set to a higher temperature during pregnancy, so you need to cool your body down.

Important symptoms of the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

  • Sometimes you may have diarrhea, which is usually caused by gastrointestinal bacteria due to contact with an infected person or eating contaminated food, and rarely lasts more than 72 hours.
  • Let the diarrhea run its course. You may be worried that the food you eat will be eliminated directly, but missing food for two days will not harm you much.
  • Replenish the lost water in your body by drinking clean water, chicken broth and fruit juice. Tell your doctor if your diarrhea is severe or prolonged, or accompanied by fever, bloody stools, or phlegm.
  • If your iron stores are low, your red blood cells don’t have enough iron to protect your muscles and your baby.
  • If your iron deficiency is not treated, you will suffer from heart palpitations due to insufficient hemoglobin and lack of oxygen in the blood, less resistance to infections, lack of blood during childbirth. If you suffer from iron deficiency, your fetus will also suffer from it. To solve this problem, your doctor prescribes iron supplements, which can cause constipation, so you should increase your fluid intake and be active.

What should we eat in the 24th week of pregnancy?

If you have observed nutrition during pregnancy; In the 23rd and 24th weeks of pregnancy, the normal weight gain is about 6.5 to 7.5 kg. If you have gained more than this amount of weight, pay attention to what you eat and how much you exercise. In the 24th week of pregnancy, it is not the time to diet, so stop eating junk food and use fruits and vegetables instead. If your mobility is low, now is the time to increase your mobility. Buy a pedometer and start walking. If you’re gaining a lot of weight, eat and exercise wisely to keep your weight in check for the rest of your pregnancy.
The extra weight of a normal woman in the 24th week of pregnancy is only 6 to 7 kg. If your overweight is more than this amount, you should review your diet and exercise. Now is not the time to go on a diet, but cutting out nutrient-poor foods and replacing them with fruits and vegetables will help. Also, if you’ve been neglecting to exercise, now is a good time to get serious.

Ultrasound of the twenty-fourth week of pregnancy

Ultrasound studies show that fetuses love to play even before birth. In the ultrasound imaging, you can see that the fetus continues to press the walls of the womb with its legs and tries to hold tightly to everything around it with its hands. His best and only toy is the umbilical cord that he amuses himself with. but do not worry. This tight set of blood vessels is very strong and the force of the blood flow in it prevents any possible twisting. In the ultrasound of the 24th week of pregnancy, the ears of the fetus are clearly defined, although his hearing is not yet complete.

List of important tasks in the 24th week of pregnancy

  • Take your lunch with you to work. By doing this, you save money and you can be sure of the quality of the food you eat.
  • Remove your wedding ring. Now your fingers will be swollen around the ring and it will be difficult to remove it.
  • If you are exposed to strong sun, especially in summer, you should wear sunglasses.
Wear sports clothes for pregnancy

Currently, various sports clothes are produced in different factories, which are special for pregnancy. Sportswear should not restrict your body and should also keep you cool. Some women prefer to wear only shorts and a top, while others prefer a one-piece dress. In any case, especially in the third trimester, a special bra should be used.

Prepare your home for the arrival of the baby
  • Sit down with your partner and sort out what you want to change or put away in the house before your baby arrives.
  • Then give the list to your wife, sit in a corner and let her arrange the things. You have suffered enough by enduring pregnancy! It is better to pay attention to these points for more safety:
  • Provide a fire extinguisher or, if you have a smoke and fire alarm system, test it. If you have an emergency exit, open and clear it.
  • Throw away or repair broken furniture or other furniture.
  • Paint your baby’s room, hang new curtains or match a new sofa!
Distraction is normal

You may have strangely lost your keys for the third time this week, or you may have gone to the supermarket to buy milk, but when you returned, you bought everything but milk. One of the problems that pregnant women complain about is distraction. You’re not distracted, just a little out of focus.
This distraction is temporary, but this problem increases as the months of pregnancy increase. This problem is partly due to rising hormones and partly because you pay more attention to yourself. Planning and listing your tasks can help you a lot.

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