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Week 4 of Pregnancy

The state of the fetus in the fourth week of pregnancy

The fourth week of pregnancy is the beginning of the embryonic period in the fetus. From the fourth week to the next 10 weeks, i.e. the 14th week, almost all the organs of your fetus’s body have developed and begin to function. Therefore, during this period, it is very vulnerable to harmful factors.
In the fourth week of pregnancy, the fetus consists of two outer layers (epiblast) and inner layer (hypoblast), which later make the organs and organs of the fetus. The primordial placenta is also composed of two layers that are digging very fine tunnels and creating spaces in the wall of your uterus for future oxygen and nutrients.
This system will provide what is necessary for the fetus and eliminate waste materials. This system will start working at the end of the fourth week of pregnancy.
Red blood cells are also being made to carry oxygen throughout the baby’s tiny body. At the same time, the bag of water that contains amniotic fluid covers the fetus and protects it from possible injuries during pregnancy.

Height: 0.13 cm
Weight: 0.11 grams

Mother’s condition in the fourth week of pregnancy

In the fourth week of pregnancy , if you insist on going to the pharmacy and getting a pregnancy test yourself, you may be disappointed by doing this early because the HCG hormone will gradually increase when fertilization is successful. Home pregnancy test needs to know the original level of HCG. It is necessary to know that there is a possibility of error in this test, i.e. false positive or negative. Our advice is to do the HCG test one week to 10 days after the delay in menstruation (usually its level reaches its maximum in weeks 8 to 11 and then decreases) to show the sign clearly and clearly. A blood test in a laboratory is the surest way to confirm your pregnancy. Therefore, if your test is positive or even not and you suspect pregnancy, it is better to go to the laboratory.
If your test is positive, it is better to contact your doctor or if you have not yet chosen a doctor and make an appointment for the first pregnancy care session with him. Your first appointment may be delayed for a few weeks due to various reasons or according to your doctor’s opinion. Do not worry and do not take medicine as much as possible during this time. If you haven’t started taking supplements for pregnancy, be sure to take folic acid daily because the next few weeks will be the critical period of your fetus’s development. The primal placenta can now carry what’s in your blood to your baby’s body, making medications, foods, and everything else you come in contact with important. If your pregnancy test was negative but you still haven’t had your period, until the fifth week wait . Many urine tests are not sensitive enough to detect pregnancy in the fourth week.

How to use a pregnancy test

It is common to use a home pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant or not, but in order to get accurate results from these tests, you need to know how to use it. In order for the home urine pregnancy test to have an accurate result, you need to know when to use it. In general, most of these tests are used one week late in menstruation. After the first day of pregnancy delay, wait at least one week and then take the test. If you do this test in the morning and immediately after waking up, the result will be more accurate, because the urine is more concentrated at this time. The accuracy of home tests is reported to be around 97%. Of course, the blood test will definitely be more accurate, but in some cases there is a possibility of error in both tests.

What should we eat in the fourth week of pregnancy?

Calcium is one of the main elements of bone building and teeth formation, it also has a significant impact on the development of the blood circulation system, nervous system and muscles of the baby. Your body needs a sufficient amount of calcium for the growth and development of the fetus. If your body can’t get enough calcium from your diet, it will take it from your bones, which can lead to weakening or osteoporosis in the future. Dairy is the best source of calcium you need. Use dairy products such as low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt three times a day.
It is very dangerous to use any kind of tobacco during pregnancy . The use of these substances causes a lack of oxygen supply to the growing fetus and the occurrence of advanced abnormalities, premature birth, miscarriage and low birth weight. Even if your spouse or a family member smokes, ask them to smoke outside where you are not exposed to secondhand smoke because research shows that secondhand smoke can also be harmful to your unborn baby.

Important symptoms of the fourth week of pregnancy

Nausea of ​​pregnancy: Nausea of ​​pregnancy may come to you sooner than you expect. You can carry some dry biscuits or crackers, lemon candies or chewable antacids help after each bout of vomiting.
Mint and dried ginger flavored gums will also help change your taste buds. It is better to have some of the above materials along with an envelope or nylon bag for vomiting and some dry or wet wipes to wipe the mouth in your bag, car, desk or anywhere else.

List of important tasks in the fourth week of pregnancy

  • Hair care during pregnancy is absolutely necessary, it is good to wash your hair 2-3 times a week.
  • Hair dyeing is absolutely prohibited in the first trimester, and after the first trimester, ammonia-free dyes should be used, and if not needed, it is better not to dye.
  • Also, for daily bathing, it is better to use water whose temperature is between 29 and 32 degrees Celsius, because increasing the temperature of the mother’s body is harmful to the fetus. It is better that the bathroom is not full of steam and use slippers that do not slip and your bath time is short.
  • Also, according to the results of some researches, the mother’s use of microwave devices may be dangerous for the fetus. Therefore, it is better not to use the microwave especially in the first months of pregnancy.
  • It’s time to let your wife know that you might be pregnant so that you can keep her company.

Don’t you have morals?

If your mood changes during the first few months of pregnancy, don’t be too surprised because the surge of hormones will undoubtedly affect your emotions. You may feel tired and angry. It’s normal for you to be somewhat anxious during this time, but if you’re feeling very anxious, talk about your fears with your partner, family members, or trusted friends.
One of the factors of this anxiety is lack of information and ignorance regarding pregnancy and childbirth, so try to complete your information by reading and asking questions to competent people and reduce your fears and worries to a large extent.

Religious recommendations of the fourth week of pregnancy

Avoid sins with all your efforts and do what is recommended even if possible. Perform the daily prayers at the beginning of the time and make sure to say the Adhan and Iqamah before the prayer and put your hand on your stomach while saying the Adhan and Iqama.
Recite Surah Qadr on two dates every day and eat them fasting. There are thirteen vital substances and five types of vitamins in dates, which make it a rich food source. The calcium in dates is the main factor in the strength of the teeth, and its phosphorus is one of the elements that make up the brain and prevents nerve weakness and fatigue. Also, potassium in dates prevents stomach ulcers

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