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Week 3 of Pregnancy

In the third week of pregnancy , you still don’t know that you are pregnant, but something extraordinary has happened inside you; A sperm has split the outer wall of the egg, entered it and fertilized it! A few days after conception, this fertilized egg has started implanting in the inner wall of the uterus and has started growing. Be happy, a human being is emerging.

The state of the fetus in the third week of pregnancy

In the third week of pregnancy, your little one still consists of several hundred cells that are rapidly multiplying. Your cell mass in the 3rd week of pregnancy is called blastocyst and it is settling in the uterine wall. It will be the place where the placenta will stick to it and the connection between the placenta and the uterus and the way of exchange between the fetus and the mother. Part of the cell mass will also become the placenta and will secrete pregnancy hormone (HCG) , that is, the substance that commands your ovaries not to release a new egg, and by stimulating the increase in the release of estrogen and progesterone hormones, it prevents the shedding and bleeding of the uterine wall. he does. This hormone is the substance that makes your pregnancy test positive.
The three-week-old fetus gets the oxygen and nutrients it needs through the mother’s circulatory system, which connects it to the blood vessels of your uterine wall in the form of microscopic tunnels. In this way, the fetus also removes waste materials. Because the building of the placenta has not yet found the ability to carry out exchanges and the completion of its building until the end of the fourth week of pregnancy takes . In the next few days, the fertilized egg cell reaches the uterus and starts sticking to it.


You may not believe it, but from the moment of conception, the genetic characteristics of your child, including eye color, hair color, skin and even gender, have been determined. But it is determined by ultrasound in the 16th to 29th week.
Fetal height: 0 cm
Fetal weight: 0 kg

Mother’s condition in the third week of pregnancy

Spotting: spotting in the third or fourth week is called “implantation spotting” and is caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg in the blood-filled wall of the uterus. Where if fertilization doesn’t happen, it collapses and causes you to have menstrual bleeding. Note that this process probably started from the second week of pregnancy, that is, about 6 days after the fertilization of the egg, but it is not really possible to be very sure about the exact time.
Accumulation of amniotic fluid: Amniotic fluid begins to accumulate around the cell mass from around the 21st day of the fetus, which is the end of the third week of pregnancy, and creates a fluid-filled cavity that will later be the water sac. This fluid, like a cushion, covers and protects the fetus during the coming weeks and months.

What to eat in the third week of pregnancy?

Before you want to think that you should eat for two people, it is better to know that experts only advise some women to gain one and a half kilos to 3 kilos in the first trimester of pregnancy. But for women who were in the normal weight range before pregnancy, between 0 and 1 kilogram of excess weight happens in the first trimester of pregnancy. In fact, you don’t need to do anything different. Therefore, you don’t need to change your daily calorie intake because from the 14th week of pregnancy you can increase 300 calories . It is enough to folic acid continue taking according to your needs and get used to a healthy diet free of fast foods. Also remember to drink enough water.
Eat three servings of protein a day, lean chicken and beef should be around 100 grams.
Grate some berries into your cereal for an iron- and vitamin-rich combination that promotes iron absorption.
Remember that if you do not consume enough calcium during pregnancy, your child will not have strong bones. Therefore, consume 1200 mg of dairy products such as yogurt and pasteurized cheese daily.



Important symptoms of the third week of pregnancy

Craving for special foods: This week, you may feel that your heart wants certain foods, and at the same time, some of your favorite foods and drinks are no longer appealing to you. Changes in taste towards tea, coffee, fried foods and eggs are the most common things that happen.
Fatigue: Pregnancy hormones can still affect you, so don’t worry if you feel tired and even sad. During the day, you probably feel tired and have a hard time keeping yourself awake. This is because your body is preparing itself to support the fetus.
Menstruation: You may feel pregnant, but you can’t be sure until you take a pregnancy test. Even BB Check may mislead you in this situation. The most obvious sign of your pregnancy is the loss of menstruation, which will probably be evident by the end of the following week.
Any pregnancy symptoms at this time are similar to menstrual symptoms, including abdominal pain, heaviness of breasts, and mood changes.
Olfactory change: Is your sense of smell stronger than before? This can be a sign of pregnancy caused by the hormone estrogen.

Vaginal discharge in the third week of pregnancy

Many women do not notice any changes, but some women are subject to some discomfort and increased vaginal discharge during ovulation. During ovulation, the ovaries release an egg that travels through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. Vaginal discharge in early pregnancy is usually thick, white or milky, but it can still be clear. Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is not related to infection, especially if there is no bad smell. Most women do not know that vaginal discharge in the third week of pregnancy can be a sign of pregnancy. This happens because the hormone changes of pregnancy can stimulate the vagina to produce more secretions. Of course, not all women experience this.

List of important tasks in the third week of pregnancy

  • Being active during this period (including in the 3rd week of pregnancy) has many benefits for you. Being active gives you energy and helps you maintain a balanced weight, it also lowers your risk of gestational diabetes , makes you feel more relaxed for labor and delivery, and makes you feel better. Therefore, in order to benefit from such benefits, try to proper pregnancy exercises . do
  • Be sure to write down the time of your period and the time of your sex.
  • at this time when your mind is not busy . books about pregnancy It is not bad to read
  • If your teeth need care, it is better to tell the dentist that you may be pregnant.

Religious advice for the third week of pregnancy

The first month is the month of the heart. Because in the first 4 weeks of the fetus’s life, it is the heart of the fetus that starts its activity. Try to perform ablution at all times, especially when eating. Eat some sweet apple in the morning. On Thursdays and Fridays, read Surah “Yas” and “Al-Safaat” and give it to your stomach.

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