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Week 9 of Pregnancy

Now you have entered the third month of pregnancy and you must have had ups and downs so far. In the ninth week of pregnancy, or in fact, the first week of the third month, other new events await you. You must have been waiting for the first of the three pregnancy tests to at least get rid of the morning sickness, but apart from solving this problem, you have to wait for something else. It is better to read this article at the beginning of the ninth week of pregnancy to know what to do.

The state of the fetus in the ninth week of pregnancy

In the ninth week of pregnancy, the size of your fetus is about the size of a grape seed. Since the physical structure of the 9-week fetus is formed, it is ready to gain weight quickly. He is becoming more like a perfect person every day. If you can see the picture of the fetus in the 9th week of pregnancy, you will notice that his fetal tail is completely gone and his body parts (including organs, muscles and nerves) will start to work slowly. The eyelids of a 9-week-old fetus are closed and will not open until the 27th week. She already has a soft ear and by the end of the 9th week of pregnancy, the inner parts of her ear will be complete.
His upper lip is also fully formed and his mouth, nose and nostrils are also more defined. The tips of his fingers are slightly bigger. All the major joints (shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles) are working, allowing your baby to move his limbs. In the ninth week of pregnancy, the fetal heart is divided into four chambers and the valves are growing.
Although his external genital organs are formed, the gender of the fetus cannot be determined in the ninth week of pregnancy, and it is necessary to wait a few more weeks to be able to determine whether the fetus is a boy or a girl.

Height: 23 mm
Weight: 2 grams

Mother’s condition in the ninth week of pregnancy

You may be 9 weeks pregnant but still not look pregnant. (Of course, if you are already pregnant, your belly will come forward sooner)
To refer to the symptoms of the ninth week of pregnancy, we must say that you may be very agitated mentally and emotionally.
Rapid mood swings are very common at this stage. It’s normal to alternate between feeling elated and worried that you’re about to become a mother. These feelings may continue during pregnancy as well as after your baby is born.
Try to be a little carefree and not worry too much about mental health during pregnancy, but monitor it and read about it.
Almost all couples who are on the verge of having a baby worry about what changes their child may bring in their lives, but most of them later say that becoming a mother and father has been the best thing they have ever experienced.
If you are over 35 or have a family history of genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, which is a rare congenital disease, you may want genetic counseling or a test called CVS or placental villus sampling, which is done between the 10th and 12th week. And it identifies some defects and anomalies, use it.

What should we eat in the ninth week of pregnancy?

Vitamin C plays a vital role during pregnancy. This vitamin, which is found in fruits such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, green and red peppers, strawberries, mangoes, cantaloupe, and spinach, is useful for the growth of connective tissues (tandems), wound healing, the immune system, and iron absorption. Vitamin C contributes to the resistance of bones, teeth and skin, and as a powerful antioxidant, this vitamin destroys free radicals (cell-damaging molecules).
Since vitamin C is water soluble, the body cannot store it. Therefore, you should absorb vitamin C on a daily basis and eat foods containing vitamin C every day to be sure. Include other maternal vitamins in the list of things you should take.
If you feel heartburn, it is better to avoid eating spicy and fatty foods and try antacids. They contain extra calcium that you need during pregnancy. You can even try sugar-free gum. These gums increase the amount of saliva and neutralize stomach acid.

Important symptoms of the ninth week of pregnancy

  • Flatulence and flatulence: You may feel excessive flatulence or flatulence in the ninth week of pregnancy. This is because the large amounts of the hormone progesterone your body produces during early pregnancy relaxes the muscles in your body (including your stomach and intestinal tract). This relaxation of the muscles slows down the digestion process and may cause increased flatulence, flatulence, belching, flatulence and general increase in unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, especially after consuming a large amount of food.
  • Headaches: Thanks again to changing hormones, this change can cause headaches . It is better to reduce the symptoms. Try to eat a snack every four hours, get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. A cold or hot compress can reduce your headache and relax you. before taking any medication during pregnancy Be sure to consult your doctor . Many people say that acetaminophen is considered a safe painkiller, but aspirin and ibuprofen are not suitable, however, it is better to ask your doctor before using it.
  • Drowsiness: In early pregnancy, many pregnant women complain of fatigue and drowsiness. This state is normal in early pregnancy because the body adjusts itself to the various changes during pregnancy and undertakes various and numerous tasks, and nature increases your sleep to cope with the changes during pregnancy. This condition gradually decreases with your physical and mental adjustment and adaptation to pregnancy. The best way to prevent this fatigue is regular sleep at night and after lunch. Of course, there are ways to sleep better during pregnancy that you can learn to sleep more comfortably.

Exercises in the ninth week of pregnancy

If you did not exercise before pregnancy, you can start doing so during pregnancy. Of course, you may not look at walking as a sport, but actually any activity is effective for fitness during pregnancy. Walking burns calories and strengthens muscles, speeds up blood circulation and prevents constipation. In addition, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, colon cancer, depression and anger.

List of important tasks in the ninth week of pregnancy

Start a daily routine to bond with your baby.
You can sit in a corner for 5-10 minutes twice a day and think about your child. For many pregnant women, before going to bed and after waking up is the right time for this.
During these times, keep calm and put your hands on your stomach, focus on your breathing and then think about your baby; To your hopes and dreams, to your goals as a mother, etc. This can be a great way to start bonding between you and your baby and help you become a future mother, as well as mentally getting back to It will facilitate normal life after delivery.

Ultrasound of the ninth week of pregnancy

Ultrasound in the ninth week of pregnancy is usually performed transvaginally. This means that the doctor will perform a vaginal ultrasound with a probe, because your uterus is still behind the pelvic bone. But you don’t need to worry because it is not dangerous at all. The probe emits sound waves that allow you to see an image of the 9-week-old fetus on the monitor screen. Looking at the monitor, you see that your little fetus is the size of a bean. This ultrasound shows that the pregnancy has occurred in the uterus and there is no ectopic pregnancy. At present, the fetus has a strong heartbeat that can be heard with Doppler.

The possibility of miscarriage in the 9th week of pregnancy

In the ninth week of pregnancy, there is a possibility of miscarriage in many women. Therefore, it is better to make sure that the fetus has a heartbeat. It is true that possibility of miscarriage in this week, but this probability is only 3%, although it may be higher in other weeks from the third month of pregnancy. there is a

What to do about hair loss?

Many pregnant women experience hair loss in the first three months of pregnancy, which is due to hormonal changes, at this time they must consult their doctor and use iron, calcium, and vitamin D. After the first three months of pregnancy have passed, hair loss will undoubtedly stop. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the hairs and their stems become thinner, but the shedding that you saw in the first trimester stops. In the third trimester, hair loss may be present, but it is undoubtedly less than the previous periods.

Wear appropriate clothing

Although you don’t need to wear maternity clothes in the first trimester of pregnancy, you should avoid wearing tight and tight clothes that put pressure on the body. You should always stay one step ahead of the physical changes that come with pregnancy. It is better to avoid rough and harsh coverings that cause skin diseases, especially eczema.
Also, avoid tight bras that prevent the growth of mammary glands and use one-piece corsets that are elastic. Experts have recommendations for wearing suitable clothes for pregnancy , which you can do little by little.

Think about the costs

Now, at 9 weeks pregnant, you are probably thinking about how life will change when the baby is born. Maybe for this reason, during the ninth week of pregnancy, you want to talk with your partner about the expenses of the baby on the way and the savings you need to make. Now that you are a little out of the difficult situation during pregnancy, it is better to discuss the expenses you have to spend on the birth of your baby and the things you have to do next, and manage expenses in some way

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