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Week 8 of Pregnancy

In the eighth week of pregnancy, changes have been made in you week by week; Physical, hormonal, emotional and… changes that lead you to motherhood. The 8th week and 2nd month of pregnancy is a critical time because it is the time when you can hear the fetal heartbeat and perform tests to confirm a healthy pregnancy. You should know what points to pay attention to during pregnancy and how to go through this golden age safely. We tell you in the eighth week of pregnancy ! what you should be aware of

The state of the fetus in the eighth week of pregnancy

The size of the fetus in the eighth week of pregnancy is about the size of a red bean. He moves and changes places frequently. Although you won’t be able to feel his movements inside your womb for a few more weeks, if you could see the pictures of the fetus in the eighth week of pregnancy, you would notice that his tailbone is disappearing and his eyelids are almost completely covering his eyes. Although there is still a thin membrane between his toes and hands, these fingers are growing.
His arms are enlarged and his hands are bent at the wrists and placed towards his heart. His knee joints are formed and his feet are probably enlarged enough to touch each other in front of his body.
As the body straightens, his head stands straighter and more vertical. The airways are stretched from the throat to the developing parts of his lungs. Each of the nerve cells in his brain also create branches to communicate with each other and create primary nerves.
Although you may constantly wonder about the gender of your baby, at eight weeks of pregnancy his genitals are not yet developed enough to reveal his gender. However, you may want to home gender determination methods . try

Height: 1.6 cm
Weight: 1 gram

Mother’s condition in the eighth week of pregnancy

Your weight may not have increased much during the eighth week of pregnancy, but some of your organs (such as breasts) are definitely growing. You will need bigger bras soon. Your waist size may also increase, forcing you to ditch your favorite pair of jeans. Another less obvious change is an increase in your blood volume; In late pregnancy, your blood volume will be 40-50% higher than normal to meet your baby’s needs.
Hormonal changes may make you feel tired or sluggish. Also, not having a good night’s sleep is a common problem at this stage, especially if you feel uncomfortable at night or have to go to the toilet frequently.
Intermittent nausea and vomiting also decrease your energy. Try to sleep between 9 and 10 hours a night or take some rest during the day.
Pregnancy causes your body to change rapidly and in the coming weeks, your chest and stomach will get bigger. As your baby gets bigger, it will be harder for you to bend over the plate. So buy clothes stain remover to be prepared for the future!

What should we eat in the eighth week of pregnancy?

Iron is one of the minerals that is essential for making red blood cells, and when you are pregnant, your body needs twice as much iron. Without enough iron, you develop anemia and iron deficiency . However, in the first trimester of pregnancy, iron deficiency does not occur, and in the second trimester, due to the increase in blood volume, anemia occurs and supplements are needed. In the first trimester, only folic acid is present.
To absorb and receive iron in your meals, generally eat iron-containing foods such as red meat, fish, chicken, nuts, spinach, beans, and iron-fortified cereals. Since vitamins increase iron absorption, eat foods containing vitamin C, such as orange juice or strawberries, along with non-iron foods.
Try to get more nutrients when you can, even if it’s not your favorite food. Eating more protein than carbohydrates per meal helps reduce nausea.
Be sure to eat a light snack before going to bed because the time gap between dinner and breakfast is long and there is a possibility that your blood sugar will drop. We suggest you a mixture of protein and carbohydrates such as cornflakes and milk.
In the eighth week of pregnancy, the bones of the fetus are formed, and for this reason, you can foods containing calcium use . Powder two almonds a day, which are a source of calcium, mix with honey syrup and eat because it is high in calcium.

Don’t forget the fruit

Fruit is always your friend because it contains essential vitamins and nutrients that are good for you and your baby. especially when you are pregnant Fruit can guarantee your health, . Broccoli and apricots are among the foods that can make your stomach feel better.

Abortion in the eighth week of pregnancy

You may be afraid of miscarriage now that you are in the second month of pregnancy because most pregnancies leading to miscarriage happen in the second month of pregnancy or the eighth week of pregnancy. The cause of abortion may be various things, but it is often caused by chromosomal problems in the creation of a fertilized egg, which causes the egg to not grow normally. The first sign of miscarriage is bleeding. If this happens or even if you feel fever, weakness or back pain, you should definitely consult a doctor, but remember that all these symptoms do not mean that you will definitely experience a miscarriage, because sometimes spotting is due to implantation and completely it is normal.

Important symptoms of the eighth week of pregnancy

Some changes that happen in your body in the eighth week of pregnancy are similar to the previous weeks. You may still experience fatigue, nausea, dizziness, frequent urination, food cravings, or even mood swings. One of the characteristics of pregnancy is skin sensitivity, so you should in choosing underwear be careful so that your skin is not damaged. However, some symptoms of the eighth week of pregnancy are:

  • Vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge in this condition may be white and thin. It is true that this condition is normal in most cases, but if you have a lot of discharge with a bad smell and burning and itching, be sure to consult a doctor because there is a possibility that you have an infection.
  • Nightmare: pregnancy will enter its serious stage in the eighth week of pregnancy. From the eighth week of pregnancy onwards, dreams and dreams during pregnancy often resemble horror movies. Strange images such as talking to animals or car crashes are quite common these days. The combination of hormones and sleep disorders during pregnancy make you sleep longer and lighter than before. You may even dream about the birth of a disabled or limbless baby. These dreams originate from your feelings and thoughts during pregnancy and that you will soon have to take care of a small and fragile creature.
  • Nasal congestion: Nasal congestion is common in this week and generally in the second month of pregnancy. But don’t worry because this problem has a simple solution, which is to use a nasal moisturizer and incense.
  • Saliva secretion: Your saliva secretion will gradually increase, but there is no specific treatment for it. Of course, saliva secretion will increase by eating starchy foods. With increased saliva, teeth are more vulnerable to damage. oral and dental hygiene more. Observe your

Don’t forget important tests

In the eighth week of pregnancy, your blood pressure must be measured because if the pressure is high, it can be dangerous for the continuation of the pregnancy . Performing a pelvic examination to confirm pregnancy and evaluate the pelvic bone is another thing that the doctor does. Be aware that you should discuss any kind of small problem with your doctor because it may require intervention or it may be a natural thing that has taken your mind by surprise.

Ultrasound of the eighth week of pregnancy

Since the heart is formed in the 6th to 7th week of pregnancy, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound because it must be determined whether the heart of the fetus is formed or not. Sometimes, because the pregnancy happens later, the heart may not be detected in the first ultrasound and cause concern. In this case, after one or two weeks, ultrasound should be done again to confirm a healthy pregnancy. Do not worry if you accidentally had an X-ray done before 8 weeks, because usually there is no special problem for the fetus.

The life of an employee in the eighth week of pregnancy

If you constantly work outside the home, consult your doctor from the very beginning of your pregnancy about health conditions or any work-related factors that affect you and your continued work.
From the eighth week of pregnancy, your continuation depends on factors such as the health of you and the fetus, your gestational age, the number of previous pregnancies and any problems you have had during pregnancy. Avoid working more than 8 hours a day and 5 days a week and use all the rest and lunch hours.

Sex in the eighth week of pregnancy

From the 8th week of pregnancy onwards, it is necessary for mothers who have had a history of miscarriage or who suffer from spotting and short bleeding during pregnancy, to be careful and refrain from sexual intercourse for a few days so that there is no danger to their fetus and sexual intercourse Do it at the doctor’s discretion. In other cases, there is no obstacle to marital relations before the age of 7 months, but it is better to have intercourse with gentleness and ultimately moderation. about sex during pregnancy . Read more

Do not sleep on your stomach

Although you know that the gift of pregnancy is to have a big belly. But most of you do not know about the relaxation of your abdominal muscles. This condition causes the muscles to separate during pregnancy, which will result in having a veiny belly after delivery, back pain and weakening of the pelvis. Don’t worry, because you can easily prevent this condition or at least make it weaker with the movements you do. When lying on your back, turn to one side before getting up and then get up. When lying down, first lie on your side and then arch up. Forget about any crunches you used to do at the gym. Instead, focus on sitting, standing, and lying on your side.

  • List of important tasks in the eighth week of pregnancy
  • fun ways to keep family and friends informed . Find
  • Don’t forget to eat fruit because it is one of the best foods for the development of the fetus and can provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients.
  • Buy a new bra. This bra can be postpartum or just a little bigger than what you are wearing.
  • Include Kegel exercises in your daily routine.
  • Consult your doctor about the tests you should do
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