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Week 7 of Pregnancy

You may have kept it a secret and not told anyone that you are pregnant, but in any case, on the week-by-week pregnancy calendar, you are in the seventh week of pregnancy. Now you know the approximate time of your delivery, but until you tell yourself, no one can guess that you are pregnant, and this can give you a strange feeling, but it is better to be aware of what you should know and observe in the seventh week of pregnancy.

The state of the fetus in the seventh week of pregnancy

your baby At 7 weeks pregnant, still has a small tail (which is actually the coccyx) and it will disappear in the following weeks. But this tail is the only part that gets smaller as your fetus grows.
Your fetus is now about the size of a raspberry and has an elbow joint as well as fingers and toes that are now recognizable. In the embryo’s head, which is much larger than its body, both hemispheres of the brain are developing. In the seventh week of pregnancy, the teeth and the interior of the baby’s mouth are forming, and his ears continue to grow. The baby’s eyelids cover his eyes and the tip of his nose slowly shows itself! The thickness of his skin is as thin as a sheet of paper and his veins can be clearly seen. At 7 weeks, the fetus also has an appendix and a pancreas, which will eventually help digest food by producing the hormone insulin. Your baby’s liver is busy producing red blood cells, and a loop of your baby’s growing intestines is forming towards his umbilical cord. His umbilical cord now has clear blood vessels that exchange oxygen and nutrients with the body. Movement is not a sign of the seventh week of pregnancy, and you still can’t feel the fetus moving, but it is like a little bean squirming and moving inside its blue house.

Mother’s condition in the seventh week of pregnancy

to eat because of morning sickness Your uterus has doubled in size in the last five weeks and it is difficult for you . You may also need to go to the toilet a lot more often than usual. Your blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy, resulting in a much larger volume of fluid passing through the kidneys, which ultimately leads to more urine accumulating in the bladder. As pregnancy progresses, nausea should decrease, although your need to go to the toilet may still be strong.

What should we eat in the seventh week of pregnancy?

If it is important for you to know what to eat in the seventh week of pregnancy, the best option during this period is vegetables. Vegetables can provide plenty of vitamins, including vitamins A and C, as well as minerals and fiber. The problem of pregnancy constipation is also eliminated by consuming vegetables.
It is better to use more vitamin C-containing substances during this period. Cabbage, legumes, potatoes, spinach, green beans and tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and help absorb iron from food.
Substances containing vitamin A during pregnancy are teratogenic and may cause genetic abnormalities. For this reason, it is better to know the incompatible vegetables during pregnancy that contain a lot of vitamin A.
In the seventh week of pregnancy, you probably have pregnancy sickness. So avoid lukewarm liquids and soft drinks and use very hot or very cold drinks instead.
Avoid eating high-fat and fried foods such as fatty broth, soup and butter in large quantities, but plenty of liquids, salad, toast or toast or biscuits, jam and jelly are useful for you.

Important symptoms of the seventh week of pregnancy

  • Morning sickness: Because of morning sickness (which may occur at noon and night), it may be impossible to keep food in the stomach. These nauseas are partly caused by pregnancy hormones in your body. Keep a packet of biscuits or medicine prescribed by your doctor by your bed and eat a few before getting out of bed to prevent nausea.
  • Mood changes: One of the symptoms of the seventh week of pregnancy is a change in mood. Laughter, crying, fear and anger are variable behaviors that women experience during pregnancy. The changing and restless behavior during this period is due to the functioning of your body’s hormones. Concerns such as financial issues, child’s health, the way of giving birth have scared you. When you feel angry or upset, take a deep breath through your nose and count to 5, then slowly exhale through your mouth. Think of a wave of warm water passing over you while breathing deeply and taking your worries with it.
  • Acne: One of the symptoms of pregnancy that you may experience this week is acne in the body, which is caused by hormonal changes. It is better to consult a doctor so that it does not cause you worry.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue is a common symptom of these weeks, which is related to the increase in progesterone . One of the ways to fight this fatigue is to eat small but frequent meals. Eating six small meals will keep your blood sugar in a normal state and boost your energy levels.
  • Heartburn: after eating, If you feel heartburn avoid spicy and fatty foods and caffeinated drinks to prevent this from happening. If you drink a lot of liquid with food, this burning will increase.

Stay away from sick people

In the seventh week of pregnancy and of course in the following weeks, try not to be in contact with people who have a cold or patients who have infectious diseases. Some diseases such as rubella and parvovirus may be transmitted this way, although you should get the rubella vaccine early to avoid this possibility. Also, be careful of insect bites during pregnancy because they may cause infection and eventually miscarriage. Rubella vaccine is prescribed 3 months before pregnancy, and by injecting it, prevention should be done for 3 months. It is not given during pregnancy under any circumstances.

Bleeding gums in the seventh week of pregnancy

Your gums may start to bleed when you brush your teeth, even if you haven’t experienced this before. There is even a chance that your teeth will bleed. You are exposed to gum disease during these months, the reason for this is the acidification of oral saliva due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, which is why the gums can easily swell and bleed. To prevent this from happening, you should take care of your teeth and use soft and sensitive toothpastes and toothbrushes.

List of important tasks in the seventh week of pregnancy

  • If you have decided to continue your work and take maternity leave for after delivery, you should observe more from the seventh week of pregnancy onwards.
  • When you sit at a desk for long periods of time, empty your bladder at least every hour and get up and stretch every hour to reduce back pain, varicose veins, and blood clots.
  • During pregnancy, when working, always use adjustable and medical chairs with handles and a medical mattress for your back and place a footstool under your feet.
  • If you have to stand for a long time, sit down every 15 minutes and instead of standing in one place, put one foot on a box or stool to reduce the pressure on your back, and always wear shoes with low heels or no heels.

Take your wife with you to the doctor

You are preparing yourself for the first meeting with the doctor, and it is better that your wife is also with you in the first meeting so that she can be informed about prenatal care as well as the time of delivery and all the things that need to be done during this period. Most pregnant women like to have their husbands with them during their appointments with the doctor.

Take a picture of your stomach

Take a picture of your belly! In the seventh week, before the effect of pregnancy is visible in your belly and your belly comes out so to speak, ask someone to take a picture of you. Then take a picture of your belly every month until your baby is born. Tracking your pregnancy will be fun and you’ll love these keepsakes later. It will be very interesting if you wear the same clothes, stand in the same place and take the same figure in all the photos. Profile photos are better for this; Black and white photos can also be beautiful.

Odor, one of the factors of love

Part of the food intolerance may be related to your heightened sense of smell. Pregnancy hormones heighten your sense of smell. If the food smells like garlic-seasoned chicken, you may not care about this food at all.
On the other hand, using seasonings such as salt in foods such as pickles and potato chips can stimulate the appetite of pregnant women.

Ultrasound of the seventh week of pregnancy

Ultrasound in the seventh week of pregnancy is usually not performed in this week, and usually the first ultrasound is performed between the 8th and 10th week of pregnancy. With all this, your mind is definitely curious whether you are pregnant with twins or not! Symptoms of twin pregnancy often appear in the seventh week of pregnancy, including the presence of two gestational sacs, and in the case of a blood test, the level of the HCG hormone in a twin pregnancy is higher than in a singleton pregnancy. For this reason, many mothers insist on doing an ultrasound this week.

Ideal weight in the seventh week of pregnancy

It doesn’t look like you’re carrying a baby yet, but you may be gaining weight. Do not worry! This is not a problem. In fact, women with a healthy body mass index of 18.5 to 25 will probably gain 12 to 18 kg during pregnancy.
Heartache is normal during the first trimester of pregnancy, but if it is accompanied by shoulder or neck pain or accompanied by contractions, dizziness and nausea, it is better to call a doctor

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