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Week 19 of Pregnancy

Do you think the baby is a boy or a girl? In the 19th week of pregnancy, you can probably find the answer to this question in the ultrasound. Most of the couples do the ultrasound of the 19th week of pregnancy only to determine the sex of the fetus, but other things can be achieved in this test. You can see the body of the fetus completely and have this excitement with you all this week and the whole pregnancy period. Together we review other exciting events of the 19th week of pregnancy.

The state of the fetus in the 19th week of pregnancy

The weight of the fetus in the 19th week of pregnancy is about 240 grams and its size is about 15.3 cm. The photo of the fetus at nineteen weeks shows him as the size of a small mango. The arms and legs of the 19-week-old fetus are in the correct position relative to each other and also relative to his whole body. Her kidneys continue to produce urine and her hair is sprouting. Although the fetus’s eyes are still closed in the 19th week of pregnancy, it can expand its new muscles. Now, in the nineteenth week of pregnancy, the position of the eyes and ears of the fetus has been finalized.
This period is very sensitive for the development of his sensory organs. In the 19th week of pregnancy, the fetal brain creates special parts for smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch. Also, fetal movement is more noticeable in the nineteenth week of pregnancy.
In the 19th week of pregnancy , as the fetus prepares to have more control over its movements, its body is busy making fat. He now has many adult nerves. Gradually, this layer of fat on the child’s body becomes thicker. Also, his fat glands are busy making an oily and white coating that protects the fetus’s skin from the harsh amniotic fluid. In the 19th week of pregnancy, a large part of this covering is lost at birth. But if the baby was born prematurely, it looks like he fell into a yogurt container because he was still busy building this layer of fat on his body, but his skin soon loses its fat and wrinkles and changes.
Determining the gender of the fetus is definite in the 19th week of pregnancy. If the gender is a girl, in the 19th week of the fetus, there are about 6 million eggs in her ovaries. The number of eggs gradually decreases until it reaches less than 2 million at birth.

May: 15.3 centimetres
Weight: 240 grams

Mother’s condition in the 19th week of pregnancy

The 19th week of pregnancy brings with it the good news that only one more week is left to the half of pregnancy. You may feel pain in your lower abdomen that may extend to your groin, or it may be a sudden, sharp pain (like a shooting), especially at the end of a work day or when you change positions, in a Or feel both sides of the abdomen. This pain is called round ligament pain and is considered one of the most important pains during pregnancy. This pain is caused by the stretching of the muscles and ligaments that support your growing uterus. Ligamentous pain in the 19th week of pregnancy is not dangerous, but if it continues at rest or becomes severe and stable, it is better to use a belly band during activity to control the pain, and otherwise contact your doctor.
Also, you may have noticed changes in your skin from the 14th week onwards, which are more evident in the 19th week of pregnancy. Are your palms red? You don’t have to worry about anything; This happens due to the increase in the amount of estrogen hormone. It is also common to see dark spots on the skin during pregnancy in some parts of the body in the 19th week of pregnancy. When these spots appear on the upper lip, cheeks and forehead, it is called chloasma or the mask of pregnancy.
From nineteen weeks of pregnancy onwards, you may also see these spots on the arms or other parts that are exposed to sunlight. Nipples, freckles, old marks of wounds, armpits or the inner part of the arms, the inner part of the thighs and the vulva may also become dark during pregnancy, which is the reason for the increased blood supply. The dark line that runs from your navel down to your pubic bone is called the linea negra, or black line. These spots and darkness are due to a temporary increase in melanin (the substance that creates the color of hair, skin and eyes) and in most women, they disappear after childbirth.
It is better not to expose yourself to the sun from now and from the 19th week of pregnancy, because it will intensify the changes in skin pigments. When you want to leave the house, wear full clothes, use a hat with a brim or a mask. Wear sunglasses and be sure to use sunscreen solutions or creams. Finally, if you are one of the pregnant women who have severe darkening of the skin in the visible parts or are ashamed of your pregnancy mask, don’t worry at all because a little makeup can cover them. In the 19th week of pregnancy, you can also use skin care methods during pregnancy in consultation with your doctor.
Please do not arbitrarily use skin spot removal creams because some of them contain ingredients that are prohibited to be used during pregnancy, later you will have enough time to improve your skin.

Important symptoms of the 19th week of pregnancy

Among the symptoms you can expect in the 19th week of pregnancy is muscle cramps. One of the ways to reduce this pain is to stretch the legs. Stretch your legs and bend your knees and gather them towards your stomach. Thigh pain is another thing that you may experience in the 19th week of pregnancy. If thigh pain bothers you at night, it is better to sleep on your side and place a pillow between your legs. This pillow can save you from such pains especially if you are pregnant with twins.
If you use contact lenses, you will probably feel uncomfortable and have blurred vision in the 19th week of pregnancy, but there is no need to be afraid. Vision changes are common in pregnancy because pregnancy hormones cause fluid to build up in your eye and change the curvature of the eye. Hormones can also affect tear production. For this reason, the eyes become dry. But these changes are temporary and everything will return to normal after childbirth.

What should we eat in the 19th week of pregnancy?

Zinc is one of the minerals that helps in the construction of cells and is one of the essential substances during pregnancy. In the 19th week of pregnancy, if you use animal products, you will have enough zinc. Zinc is found in foods such as milk, meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and possibly prenatal vitamins. If you are a vegetarian and do not consume animal products, you can use grains and vegetables that contain zinc and supplements that contain more zinc, as long as your doctor prescribes it.
In the nineteen weeks of pregnancy, because you may not find suitable food in restaurants and stores on the way, it is good to remember the list of foods and drinks that are good for you and at the same time do not have extra calories: baked potatoes, water Oranges, low-fat milk, cheese sandwiches or honey butter.
Being 9 months pregnant is not food torture. If you want to indulge occasionally, eat potato chips or chocolate, for example. Remember, now and from the 19th week of pregnancy, don’t get used to doing this while watching TV, because in this state the brain is unable to issue the command “enough”. At the same time, remember not to keep too much chocolate, cake, cream and ice cream in the refrigerator.

Fluid discharge from the breasts in the nineteenth week of pregnancy

Your breasts are now preparing to make milk. The number of milk ducts increases during pregnancy. The mammary glands prepare to produce milk and the nipples become more prominent so that the baby can suck them more easily. During pregnancy, some women notice a thin, yellowish liquid coming out of their nipples. This milk is actually the first liquid that a child receives from his mother’s breasts. This milk, which is also called colostrum, contains nutrients and protective antibodies and is produced one to two days after giving birth, and then milk takes its place. Leaking or even not leaking milk during pregnancy is very normal. Its oozing at this time has only one meaning and that is your breasts are healthy to breastfeed the baby.

Dizziness in the 19th week of pregnancy

From the 19th week of pregnancy onwards, when you change the position from lying down to sitting or standing, you may feel dizzy, although this may be a warning that you are standing too much and you have to sit upright, but do not worry at all. Dizziness is common during pregnancy, especially in taller women or women with polypoglossia or low blood sugar. Dizziness during pregnancy can have different causes, such as dehydration, hunger or low blood sugar. So try to drink enough water and eat something every two hours to stay away from the pressure of hunger and keep your blood sugar stable. Avoid sudden movements and hang your legs from the bed before getting out of bed.

List of important tasks in the 19th week of pregnancy

If you have done an ultrasound so far, it is better to scan it and share it with your friends.
Start looking for a bed and furniture for your child to find the most suitable one.
During the second trimester, the chance of getting a yeast infection is higher than at any other time. It is difficult to control during pregnancy, so ask your doctor about its treatment.

Ultrasound of the 19th week of pregnancy

If you do an ultrasound in the 19th week of pregnancy, the doctor or the person responsible for the test will tell you whether your child is a boy or a girl. Ultrasound is an effective way to determine the gender of your baby, although ultrasound, like amniocentesis, is not error-free in determining whether the baby is a boy or a girl. If the fetus is a boy, it can often be recognized because his penis and testicles are visible, but sometimes the testicles and penis are not visible due to the position of the child, and it is assumed that the child is a girl. Sometimes the umbilical cord of the fetus is placed between his legs like a penis and the baby girl is mistaken for a boy.
Of course, new technologies tell you with less error whether you have a boy or a girl in your womb. But all in all, you just have to wait until delivery to find out. Some people who are going to be parents want to know the gender of their child right now, but they keep this information to themselves. You can also keep your secrets because you are not going to tell everyone everything you know.

Go to the doctor with your wife

If you have not asked your wife to come with you to the doctor, now and in the 19th week of pregnancy, it is time to ask your wife to accompany you during the medical examination sessions. Ask for her opinion on various decisions, such as which bed to buy or what color to paint her room. Give your wife a guiding role during pregnancy. Talk to him about fatherhood. At nineteen weeks pregnant, you can encourage her to put her hand on your belly and be with her when your baby kicks. Ask him to talk to your baby because according to research, babies recognize their parents’ voices when they are born.

Look for the right kindergarten

If you are going to return to your job, you should start looking for a daycare or a suitable person to take care of your child. Believe me, this issue is as important as the ultrasound of the 19th week of pregnancy. You may think it is a little early, but you may not know that many people are on the waiting list for good kindergartens. It is also easier to go from one nursery to another and do the necessary checks now compared to when you have a baby with you.
You may have many childcare options, so consider the pros and cons of all of them, including daycare, babysitters, live-in nannies, and relative childcare. From now on, you can also talk to your wife about this and ask for her point of view.

Wash your vagina

Vaginal washing is sometimes very bad during pregnancy. The vagina sometimes has good and bad bacteria that washing too much with water and other liquids can irritate it. Most importantly, douching can change the balance of bacteria that cause vaginal and bladder infections. Washing the vagina with a shower is not useful at all and is very harmful during pregnancy. There is always a balance between good and bad bacteria in the vagina. In the 19th week of pregnancy, washing the vagina with a fast flow of water may cause vaginal irritation. Worse, it can upset the balance between bacteria and lead to vaginal or bladder infections.

Problems of the 19th week of pregnancy
  • Vaginal bleeding: A little spotting after sex, especially in the 19th week, is often nothing to worry about, but more bleeding can be a sign of miscarriage, placental problems, or premature labor.
  • Vaginal discharge: This event should always cause you concern. At this time, you should contact your doctor immediately.
  • Regular contractions: These contractions may be a sign of labor pain, especially if you feel them for more than 6 hours a day.
  • Abdominal contraction or severe pain: If you feel constant and painful contractions in the abdominal area, call your doctor because it may be labor pain.
  • Severe nausea and vomiting: If your vomiting is so severe that you cannot keep fluids in your body and your body remains dehydrated, see a doctor. If you know the cause of your vomiting, you and your child are in good shape even if you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, let your doctor find the cause.
  • Severe or prolonged headache and blurred vision: It will not hurt to see a doctor because these may be symptoms of diseases related or unrelated to pregnancy
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