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Week 25 of Pregnancy

You are in the 25th week of pregnancy and in the blink of an eye this trimester will be over and you will be holding your little one very soon. It might scare you a little to think about it. But it is definitely an exciting event and you will see for yourself how you are going to enjoy seeing the little one you have given birth to. Knowing about the events of the 25th week of pregnancy will help you achieve this preparation.

The state of the fetus in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy

The size of the fetus in the 25th week of pregnancy from head to heel is about 34.6 cm. The weight of a 25-week-old fetus is about 660 grams.
This weight doesn’t seem like much, but he will soon gain some fat tissue and his slim and thin appearance will change, his rather wrinkled skin will smooth out and he will look more and more like a full-fledged baby.
Her hair can probably be seen now with the same color and shape, although her hair color and shape may change after birth.
The fetus in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy has regular periods of sleep and wakefulness. She is now too thin to be ready to give birth but continues to gain weight. His weight will reach about 700 grams at the end of this week. His eyes are open now and maybe he closes them when he sleeps. The sensory receptors around his mouth are more ready to grab the nipple at birth. However, the baby is still fed through the umbilical cord, and your body delivers nutrients through the bloodstream to the umbilical cord, which has one vein and two arteries. The umbilical cord is protected from twisting by a sticky and jelly-like substance called Wharton’s gel.
As the fetus continues to grow, its brain becomes more complete and deeper lines and grooves are formed in its cerebral cortex, which in the future will be the command center for many important activities, including the ability to see, hear, smell, speak and walk. Currently, the rhythm of breathing, digestion and body temperature of the child is controlled by his brain.

Height: 34.6 cm
Weight: 660 grams

Mother’s condition in the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy

In the 25th week of pregnancy, not only your baby has shed more hair, your own hair may also look fuller and shinier.
In fact, your hair has not grown, but it is your normal hair that has grown longer than usual. Your body hair may also appear darker or thicker.
These hairs will also return to normal within a few weeks after the birth of your baby; Sometimes you may have trouble to remove them.
You may no longer be able to walk with the beauty and poise of the past. It’s good for you to continue exercising, but stop exercising whenever you feel too tired.
Also, stop exercising immediately if you feel pain, bruising, dizziness or fainting, or when you feel short of breath. Do not lie on your back for a long time and avoid sports movements that may disturb your balance. Drink plenty of water, don’t forget to warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards.
By performing a glucose screening test, between the 24th and 28th weeks, you may be prescribed an anemia test at the same time.
Although your blood volume increases dramatically during pregnancy, your red blood cell count may not increase enough. Sometimes this complication is called “physiological anemia” which is common in the second and third trimester of pregnancy.
If your blood test shows true anemia at 25 weeks of pregnancy, you should use iron and nutritional supplements.
If you haven’t thought of a name for your baby yet, you should get serious about it. Choosing a suitable name is a very important task, but it should also be fun for you.
Think about your family history (for example, your grandfather’s father’s name), or places that interest you, or your favorite literary and fictional characters, or your favorite movie characters. You can even use books that collect different baby names.

Important symptoms of the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy

You may feel more short of breath in the last trimester of pregnancy because as the fetus grows, it takes up more space in your abdomen and other parts of your body are compressed and pushed to the side. At this stage, your lungs don’t have enough space to fully open and take a deep breath. Do not worry! Although you may feel short of breath, high progesterone helps you breathe deeply and get more oxygen into your body. Since your blood volume is high during pregnancy, more oxygen goes back and forth and into the placenta as you inhale and exhale.
Breasts continue to grow during the third trimester. Your breasts may even fall on your stomach when you sit down. This is never strange. Your breasts prepare themselves to produce milk and feed the baby. Although your belly will shrink after the birth of the baby, the size of the breasts will not change and even 24 to 48 hours after giving birth, they will still get bigger. Every time milk comes out of the breasts, it causes them to shrink. And by being filled with milk, they grow again in the next turn. But after weaning your baby, your breasts will open as usual.

What should we eat in the 25th week of pregnancy?

To improve nutrition in the 25th week of pregnancy, be sure to include turnips. Turnip is rich in vitamins A, B, C and contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iodine and sulfur.
Turnip strengthens the eyesight and cures night blindness due to the presence of vitamin A, and due to the presence of sulfur and with the help of vitamin A, it prevents the formation of stones in the urine and crushes the stones. It lowers blood pressure and has an effective role in strengthening the ovaries and sexual stimulation.
Eating turnip syrup during pregnancy makes the child grow, teeth come out easily, bones are strengthened, walking early, talking early and resisting diseases.
If you are pregnant with twins, instead of 300 extra calories, you should get about 450 to 500 calories per day, of course, this amount should increase if you are more active. Enrich your diet with nutrients including fruits and vegetables, protein, whole grains, nuts, legumes, and fat-free dairy products. Talk to your doctor about the need to take vitamin supplements.

?When should you not exercise

If the doctor makes a decision about exercising for pregnant women, they often compare the side risks of exercise with its benefits. For a pregnant woman whose pregnancy has no side effects. Exercise is beneficial because the benefits outweigh the risks. But with the onset of problems and the emergence of complications or their continuation, your doctor may determine that exercise is harmful to you. At this time, the right option is to give up exercise because the disadvantages of exercise will be more than its benefits.

Surprise your wife

  • Spend time with your partner this week: you can surprise your partner romantically.
  • Write down all the things you love about him, tell him why you think he’d be a great dad, or at least hold hands and go for a short walk.
  • Take time to connect physically and emotionally with each other, count what you like about each other and what binds you together.
  • Celebrate, love and appreciate each other. Spend at least half an hour every week and let your spouse know how important your life is to you. (Of course, if this is true!)
Massage for pregnancy

One of the best gifts you can give yourself during pregnancy is a massage. As your belly gets bigger, your shoulder and back muscles have to do more to keep you upright. Increasing muscle work may cause them to cramp and massaging is a good way to relieve them. Massage therapists specializing in pregnancy massage have special folding tables that allow pregnant women to lie on their palms without putting pressure on the abdomen.

Learn about labor pain

Childbirth is somewhat like two marathons, the more physically fit you are, the easier you can reach the finish line. Studies show that labor pain is less in women who were fit before pregnancy, and they also need less medical procedures and interventions such as the use of forceps or vacuum or caesarean section. According to these studies, women who have a proportionate appearance are more mentally prepared for childbirth.
However, physical fitness alone does not guarantee mild and transient labor pain, and other factors also play a role. For example, a woman who has rested enough before giving birth will have more endurance than a woman who is tired and lacking energy. If you have been exercising throughout pregnancy, continue it with the approval of your doctor, and if you have been sedentary, talk to your doctor and if he approves, start a gentle walking program.

Ultrasound of the twenty-fifth week of pregnancy

In the ultrasound of the 25th week, the ears of the fetus are clear, and now you can see that he has less room to move. Undoubtedly, his ears still need to grow to reach the evolutionary stage.

List of important tasks in the 25th week of pregnancy

  • A bottle of water is always available. Drinking enough water will reduce swelling in your hands and face.
  • If you have access to childbirth classes, be sure to use them.
  • Paint your baby’s room, hang new curtains or arrange a new sofa.
Exercise in the 25th week of pregnancy

If the doctor asks you to stop exercising in the 25th week of pregnancy, you should doubt the health of your pregnancy. Doctors usually decide about this according to the conditions and the benefits and harms of exercise.
Women who do not have many problems can exercise because the benefits outweigh the possible risks.
Pregnancy massage is one of the best things you can do during this period. Muscles that are under a lot of pressure and work are usually tight and tight, so massage is the best way to relax them. There are massage beds for pregnant women that have indented panels so that women can sleep on their stomachs so that they feel less pain.

How to sleep in the 25th week of pregnancy

Now that you are 25 weeks pregnant and your belly is almost the size of a basketball, sleeping on your stomach is no longer comfortable.
Sleeping on your back for long periods of time can also make you feel nauseous because the uterus puts pressure on a large vessel called a vein.
It is better to lie on your side, preferably on your left side, because your main blood vessels are on the right side of your spine, and sleeping on your left side allows blood to flow freely through the vessels.
If you wake up and find yourself sleeping on your back, turn over and sleep on your left side.

Rib pain in the 25th week of pregnancy

If you feel that the ribs of your chest have become bigger, we must say that you are right. This increase in volume is done to accommodate the lungs, which now need more oxygen, and at the same time, the baby who wants to move and kick the bottom of your lungs with his feet. Some women feel pain in the upper right corner of their last rib, which may be due to an infection of the cartilage that connects the ribs together.
Changing the position can reduce the pain because it changes the position of the baby. During the day, when he sits in a chair, put a pillow under him so that the pressure on that part is reduced and you can breathe better. A warm shower and hot water compress can also be helpful.

Spider veins in the 25th week of pregnancy

Thin red veins on your chest in the 25th week of pregnancy are formed , which are called spider veins. These veins are basically capillaries that can be seen anywhere in the body. But they mostly appear on the chest because your body produces 10% more blood during pregnancy due to the increased need for oxygen, and this extra blood makes the veins more visible under the skin. Spider veins are more visible in women with delicate skin.

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