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Week 15 of Pregnancy

If you could see your child in the 15th week of pregnancy, you would be very excited watching how he stretches his muscles and moves or turns his eyes, frowns and even smiles inside the womb. She can do many things now and in the 15th week of pregnancy and surprise you with every change. in the 15th week of pregnancy . It is better to see what happens to you and your fetus

The state of the fetus in the fifteenth week of pregnancy

The body length of the fetus in the fifteenth week of pregnancy , from head to toe, is about 10 cm, and its weight is about 70 grams and the size of an orange. At 15 weeks, the fetus breathes in and out with amniotic fluid (instead of air), which helps the development of air sacs in its lungs. If you could see a picture of a fetus at 15 weeks of pregnancy, you would notice that its legs are bigger than its hands and it can move all its joints and organs. This means his hands work better. The fetus in the 15th week of pregnancy is also kicking, curling its fingers and moving its small arms and legs every day, but because it weighs little, you are not able to feel the movements of the fetus that occur in your belly.
Sweat glands gradually appear, and even though his eyelids are closed, his eyes can sense light. If you shine a bright light on your stomach, your baby will probably turn away from the light. There isn’t much around your baby that he can taste, but his sense of taste is emerging.
Height: 10 cm
Weight: 70 grams

Mother’s condition in the 15th week of pregnancy

You have probably gained about 2 kg or a little more weight so far. If your excess weight is a little less or more than this amount, the size of your belly in the 15th week of pregnancy seems bigger than normal, don’t worry too much. The amount of excess weight in pregnant women is different from each other.
Although you are used to the fluctuations of the pregnancy period, you may be surprised by the appearance of a new complication from time to time. If you experience a stuffy nose, you can assume it is one of the complications of pregnancy; Because the increase of estrogen hormone may lead to the swelling of the mucous membrane and thus the production of more mucus. Your blood volume is also increasing, which results in dilation of your veins (which include the veins in your nose). As a result, you may sometimes get a nosebleed.
Since pregnancy causes changes in your immune system and increases your risk of certain infections, you may get colds or allergies more often. However, avoid irritants such as cigarette smoke, dust and alcohol. To improve the condition of the nostrils at night, use a vaporizer or air humidifier and drink plenty of fluids. You can also use saline nasal drops or chlorsodium. If your condition is very bad, ask your doctor or midwife about the use of decongestants or decongestants.
If you and your partner are feeling a little stressed these days, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many couples are worried about the health of the fetus and many other things, such as whether they can fulfill their responsibilities as parents or not. However, if your physical and physical problems are few and you gain some energy, this period of the second trimester of pregnancy can be very interesting. So try to enjoy it.

Bleeding gums in pregnancy

You may have noticed that your gums are red and swollen and may even be sore, sensitive, or prone to bleeding when brushing or flossing. As usual, it is the work of pregnancy hormones that irritates the gums this time, and by changing the reaction to the dental plaque bacteria, it causes the gums to swell. You may notice a small bump on your gum called a pregnancy tumor. Before you worry, keep in mind that these benign growths are scary named but completely harmless and painless. If you have them, it will disappear after delivery.

Talk to the baby in your belly

Talk to the fetus in your womb. This is great for bonding between you and your baby. If talking to a child seems strange to you, you can tell him a story; read a book, magazine or newspaper; Or tell him your secrets!
Doing this exercise after the birth of your child will help you communicate a lot, and talking to children is one of the best ways to help them learn the language.

Important symptoms of the fifteenth week of pregnancy

The presence of a lot of secretions and their unpleasant smell is completely normal. If the discharge is white and blue in color and looks like stretchy egg whites and smells like cheese, then the situation is good. If you are unhappy with this situation, wash your body more often and wear cool cotton underwear. Always carry extra underwear and never wear lined underwear as it may cause hives or skin irritation. But if your body smells like fish and your discharge is yellow, green or like rotten cheese, see a doctor because there is a possibility of a “yeast” infection or a “trichomoniasis” infection or a “vaginal bacterial” infection.

Video of the thirteenth to the seventeenth week of pregnancy:

?What should we eat in the fifteenth week of pregnancy

If you don’t eat meat or the thought of hamburger makes you nauseous, you can provide your body with the protein you need without eating meat in different ways. Some non-meat sources of protein such as: dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt), eggs, legumes (lentils, beans, chickpeas, kidney beans), nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cashews), soy, and foods such as a cup of lentils , beans, peanut butter sandwiches, or a bean casserole. Be sure to pay attention to the amount of fat and cholesterol in non-meat foods. It is better to use low-fat dairy products and not eat more than 4 egg yolks per week. In the 15th week of pregnancy, you can make better choices and use the healthy foods you have at home. From now on, fill your cart with fresh and healthy nutrients as well as easy-to-prepare foods and keep them in your cupboards and fridge.

List of important tasks in the fifteenth week of pregnancy

If you have a high risk of preeclampsia, ask your doctor about low-dose aspirin. After the first trimester, according to research, daily use of low-dose aspirin can reduce preeclampsia by 24%.
To record your baby’s growth, your doctor or midwife will probably start by measuring the distance between the top of your pubic bone and the tip of your uterus.
Amniocentesis may be recommended between 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy for those at high risk for genetic or chromosomal problems. In this test, amniotic fluid is tested to check things like Down syndrome.

Ultrasound of the fifteenth week of pregnancy

If you do an ultrasound at this time, you might be aware of the baby’s gender! However, don’t worry if this test can’t determine your baby’s gender either. Determining the gender of the fetus depends on factors such as the clarity of the image and the condition of the child at the time of ultrasound. Your baby may be curled up or turned to put you to work. In the ultrasound image of the fifteenth week of pregnancy, the fetus is the size of an orange, and the large bones that make up the skull have formed and hardened. As they harden, the bones become whiter and brighter in the image.

Prevent leg swelling during pregnancy

For leg health during pregnancy, when you rest, place your legs in a position higher than the heart so that the blood returns to the heart instead of the legs. Do not cross your legs while sitting because this position slows blood circulation. Avoid standing and sitting for long periods of time. Walk for half an hour a day or sit in a rocking chair and use your legs to propel the chair back and forth. Try to use varicose socks and put them on before getting out of bed.
Almost half of pregnant women suffer from leg veins during pregnancy. The appearance of these swollen, blue and rope-like veins is not only due to weight gain, but it is also the reason that your circulatory system is moving 40% more blood in the veins and arteries than usual, thus causing the expansion of the walls of the vessels.
Sitting and standing for a long time, having thin-walled veins, and gaining too much weight can also cause varicose veins. Varicose veins often go away after giving birth, but they can still bother you.

Pay attention to these things to exercise

If you are a busy athlete who can’t imagine a week without exercising or going for a hard walk, it’s good to know that you can continue to exercise hard before pregnancy, provided you follow these tips:
  • Remember that your body’s balance changes during pregnancy, so be careful when doing balance exercises.
  • Avoid exercising in extreme heat.
  • Always wear protective shoes and use tights for walking.
  • Be sure to use a sports corset that covers the breasts.
  • Drink enough water and have light snacks with you during exercise
  • And finally, after the second trimester, avoid doing sports that require lying on your back.

Think about your sexual relations

Double ejaculations, strong sexual desire and the feeling that your partner is not able to fulfill your sexual desires well may improve your sexual relationship during the second trimester. Especially since your nausea is probably gone and you have regained your energy. Increased blood flow may also make your penis fat and hard and increase vaginal lubrication secretions. Many women feel more sexual pleasure due to the special hormonal changes of this period and increased sensitivity in the pelvic area. If you were facing a problem before in your sexual relations to reach the peak of pleasure, now you can taste it more easily. So enjoy your sexual relations during this period and remember every moment of it because with the arrival of the baby, your privacy will also disappear.
On the other hand, some women have problems with sexual relations during this period. They can hardly forget that a third person is also present. Many women think that a good mother cannot be a good sexual partner. Abstaining from intercourse during this period is not the right solution at all. Because sexual relations can be a good way to bring husband and wife closer to each other.
Choosing a baby name
If you haven’t chosen a name for your baby by the 15th week of pregnancy, be ready to go through the alphabet and check different names for the next week. For example, in terms of their length, consider all possible real possibilities and never make fun of a specific name. Not taking the name selection process seriously will make it boring for you. You are choosing your child’s identity, so take your time to make the right choice
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