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Week 28 of Pregnancy

In the 28th week of pregnancy, you may have thought about whether it is better to save your child’s umbilical cord or not! As you know, the umbilical cord contains cells that are useful in the treatment of many diseases and ailments of children, blood pressure and genetic disorders. If you decide to store cord blood, you must transfer it to one of the blood banks and pay a fee for its storage. Together we will review other events of the 28th week of pregnancy.

The state of the fetus in the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy

The weight of the fetus in the 28th week of pregnancy is 1005 grams and it is 37.6 cm long. He is now the size of an eggplant. At 28 weeks, the fetus can open its eyes (which now have eyelashes) and turn its head toward any continuous, intense light that shines from outside the womb. He can even suck his thumb if he wants to. In the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, if the fetus is a boy, its testicles will be completed soon. Fat layers of the fetus’s body are forming in the 28th week of pregnancy and he is preparing for life outside the womb. In the 28th week of pregnancy, the brain of the fetus is growing rapidly.

Height: 37.6 cm
Weight: 1005 grams

Mother’s condition in the 28th week of pregnancy

You are resting at home! The third trimester of pregnancy starts from the 28th week of pregnancy and continues until the 40th week. If your situation in the 28th week of pregnancy is similar to most pregnant women, you will gain about 5 kg in this trimester. Do your feet hum at night? Itching and burning in the lower part of the legs and a strong urge to move them is known as “restless legs syndrome” (or RLS). This condition may make you feel restless while resting. Although the occurrence of this complication is very common in pregnant women, no one knows the cause of its occurrence. Do not use caffeine (tea or coffee) because it aggravates the condition; And when you feel uncomfortable, massage your calf muscles.
Some studies have shown that taking food supplements containing iron can improve this condition to some extent. From 28 weeks of pregnancy onwards, you will be examined by your midwife or doctor every two weeks. From the thirty-sixth week, these examinations will take place weekly. If the blood test in the first trimester shows that your blood is negative, you will be injected with immune globulin to prevent the production of antibodies that may attack your baby’s blood.
If the blood of your child’s father is Rh negative, there is no need to inject immunoglobulin, but doctors will usually inject immunoglobulin without testing the blood of the child’s father.
Also, if your child’s blood is Rh positive, you will be injected with immunoglobulin once more after delivery. If you haven’t participated in childbirth classes yet, it might be better to do some breathing and relaxation exercises at home.
Labor is long and tiring; At the same time, it is painful and if you are not prepared for it, you may have a hard time. Many fathers are afraid to look at the scene of childbirth, maybe that’s why no one in Iran thinks of fathers’ participation in childbirth!

Important symptoms of the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy

In the 28th week of pregnancy and entering the third trimester, two-thirds of the way you have come to the finish line, those days when you could think of pregnancy as easy have passed. Now the kicks, or sometimes the lack of them, keep you awake until the morning and worried throughout the day, your legs are swollen, you’re often tired again, and your back pain won’t go away. As your little one gets into the right position for birth, his head and your large uterus can rest on the sciatic nerve, and if this happens, you’ll feel a stabbing, sharp pain, tingling, or numbness that starts in your buttock and goes down to It splits behind your legs. Sciatica pain can sometimes be very severe, when the fetus changes its position, the pain ends, but sciatica can continue until after delivery.

?What should we eat in the 28th week of pregnancy

Add yogurt to your diet to nourish the mother in the 28th week of pregnancy. Yogurt is almost a perfect food during pregnancy, which is rich in calcium, protein, low fat and nutritious. Some yogurts have live and active bacteria, which are useful bacteria and are involved in food digestion, nutrient absorption, strengthening the body’s immune system, and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive system. Yogurt can be eaten plain or if you like, you can mix it with unpeeled cucumber, fresh dill and garlic powder.
You can also mix a cup of yogurt with half a cup of Mexican dressing and use it as a hot sauce for fish or chicken and vegetables. Say no to foods that contain carbohydrates. Avoid diets that encourage you to eat a lot of meat because they are harmful to your health and that of your fetus. Foods containing useful carbohydrates include: vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, and pasta, and harmful carbohydrate foods include cake or white bread, soft drinks, and any nutrient-rich carbohydrate food that has nothing but calories.

Sour in the 28th week of pregnancy

The problem of indigestion usually worsens in the third trimester of pregnancy. Some women get heartburn from the beginning of pregnancy, but others get it in the third trimester and some don’t get it at all.
Indigestion in the third trimester that makes you wake up is very hard to bear, and you find relief by taking strong medications during this period.
It is not forbidden to take medicine for this problem during pregnancy, but you cannot get some of them without a prescription, so be sure to consult your doctor before taking them.
The first step to get rid of heartburn is to create a happy and appropriate mood. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes, especially in the stomach area.
Raise the head of the bed by 15 cm and do not bend or lie down after eating for one to two hours.
Chew your food slowly and thoroughly and eat slowly and chew gum after eating and avoid hot, spicy, stimulating and fatty foods and carbonated drinks.

Ultrasound of the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy

An ultrasound test in the 28th week of pregnancy shows that the fetus’s head still looks large compared to its entire body. The fetal head makes up 12% of its body weight at the time of birth. Already fetal brain cells (about 100 million or more)

List of important tasks in the 28th week of pregnancy

  • Choose a doctor for your child: Get the names of family doctors or pediatricians from relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors or your doctor.
  • Make sure the doctor you choose accepts your insurance, can see your child at times that work with your schedule, and has an office location that’s convenient for you.
  • If you can, make an appointment with the doctors of your choice. If you think that it is too early for this, remember that the first examination should take place shortly after the birth of the child.
  • Of course, the hospital usually has a pediatrician who performs the first examination of the baby in the hospital, however, it may be better for you to consider a person for your child’s future examinations in advance who is both reliable and pleasant for you and who can be reached.
Take care of your skin

Massage your skin with a dry (not wet) brush. With this, the dead skin layers fall off and the skin remains healthy. This method is also effective in reducing skin stretch marks. For this, use a brush that is made of natural fiber, that is, it is strong, but the bristles of the brush are not hard. Brush from the lower part of the body upwards. Focus more on areas such as the abdomen, then take a bath after brushing to wash away dead skin cells. Do not brush your breasts because the breast skin is very sensitive and may be damaged. Remember to use sunscreen. If you are exposed to the sun outdoors, use enough sunscreen.

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